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YOU’RE OUR SECOND FATHERS! Watch Female Students Praising Sugar Daddies for Injecting Cash in Them after ‘Chewing Them’

Hoima Nursing School student praising sugar daddies

When students finish school, they normally take off some time to appreciate those who have helped them on their education journeys. Those who have attended graduation parties know how the graduand’s speech is normally full of praises for parents, relatives and friends who have lent them a hand in one way or another.

But these female students seem to have taken this appreciation a notch higher after they showered men – their friends with benefits – with praises for being their second fathers and financing their education by contributing to fees, rent and feeding in exchange of their ‘sumbies.’

After doing their papers, the students recorded a video thanking Hoima men for their generosity. The girls said Hoima men were the best when it comes to sponsoring their education and their lifestyles.

The video is said to have been recorded by female finalists from Hoima Nursing School.

“For the Hoima men, I have nothing to say. You men were the best in this course. Mutubeleddewo, mutulabilidde [you have taken care of us],” they said in the video.

“Hoima men, we are going to miss you. Thank you for being our second fathers. We love you.”

Hoima Nursing School student praising sugar daddies

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