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FULL LIST of Expired Degrees Offered by Ugandan Universities; Many Degrees Rejected Abroad

FULL LIST of Expired Degrees Offered by Ugandan Universities; Many Degrees Rejected Abroad

A number of degrees offered by Ugandan universities have been rejected in universities abroad, leaving many with them cursing. The list of expired degrees indicates that almost all the academic programs (courses) offered by the universities in the Pearl of Africa have since become obsolete and unacceptable in advanced countries abroad.

A statement attributed to Cambridge University and the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE), a government agency established in 2011 under the Ministry of Education and Sports to regulate and oversee higher education in Uganda, indicates that several academic programs have expired.

The NCHE is responsible for accreditation, quality assurance, curriculum development, research promotion, coordination, and student support. By setting standards, ensuring quality, and fostering collaboration, the council aims to enhance the quality of higher education and contribute to Uganda’s socioeconomic development.

The University of Cambridge collaborates with the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) in Uganda to facilitate the admission of students into recognized programs. It is important to note that once a program expires, students who have completed or have been enrolled in that program for more than two years may face limitations in their academic pursuits, not only at the University of Cambridge but potentially across Europe.

A total of 2,260 academic programs or courses offered and degrees awarded at 47 universities, both private and public, are affected. These expired years ago and have not been renewed. They need to be re-accredited.

Universities with most expired courses or academic programs and degrees are: Makerere with 159 courses, Bugema University and Bishop Stuart University with 63, each; Kabale University with 59 expired courses, Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) and Cavendish University with 34, each; Busitema University with 28 expired courses, Makerere University Business School (Mubs) with 24, and Mountains of the Moon University with 18.

Only a few universities such as Aga Khan University, Apex International University and Clark University, did not have expired courses.

The full list of expired degrees for each Ugandan university is HERE.

You can also see the list of Ugandan universities which may soon be closed because they are not accredited. The list is Here.

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