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Meet Pastor Patience Rwabwogo, the Ugandan First Family Priestess

Pastor Patience Rwabwogo of Covenant Nations Church preaching during Light Up Luwero for Jesus Mission Crusade

First Published on June 26 at 3:00 pm

Patience Rwabwogo is the priestess of President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s family.

A pastor of Covenant Nations Church, Patience is the first priest in the first family, according to her father Gen Museveni, a man who has ruled Uganda for nearly four decades since taking over power following a five-year bush war that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

According to Museveni, their family was known for cattle keeping and some crop growing but Patience has broken the record as the family’s first priest(ess) in hundreds of years.

“I also thank Patience for introducing our family to the line of Christian leadership being the 1st priest in the family. She has showed us that you can be a cattle keeper and also a priest. I congratulate her!” Museveni said after Patience launched her new book titled ‘Jesus’ Africa.’ In 461 pages that make up the book, the first daughter attempts to place Africa in God’s plan to redeem mankind. She also talks of encounters with God.

The president also saluted his daughter for her insights in the book. Museveni urged Africans to protect their birthright.

“I want to congratulate Patience Rwabwogo for writing a book that links the Bible to NRM’s principles of Patriotism and Pan- Africanism. This has made this book a masterpiece,” said Museveni.  

“She is correct in saying that we sold our birthright as Africans by being greedy and selling our brothers into slavery.  Patience is trying to say that if we do not protect our birthright, the enemy will come and steal it. We must protect it.”

Museveni has previously praised Pastor Patience Rwabwogo for liberating Luweero, which her mother compared to the valley of dry bones. (Read Stories Here and There).

Patience is married to entrepreneur Odrek Rwabwogo, one of President Museveni’s most powerful advisors and one of the first family members reportedly interested in replacing the president in 2026. (See Details Here and There).

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