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UCE 2023 Results Out Today. See Best Performing Schools in Previous Uneb Sittings

Janet Museveni, Uneb Officials Set to Release 2023 UCE Results

Uneb executive director Dan Odongo

All is set for first lady Janet Museveni, also minister of education and sports, to release 2023 UCE results.

2023 UCE results will be released at a ceremony at State House Nakasero in Kampala on Thursday, February 15, 2024.

Speeches at the 2023 UCE results release exercise are expected to broach the issue of special exams for Senior Four (S4) as the country transitions to competencr based assessment under the new lower secondary curriculum.

The officials from both Uneb and the education ministry will also likely talk about the grading system after reports of leaked marked papers cast doubts on the credibility of Uneb’s grading system. (See Details Here and There).

For now, let’s take a look at the lists of top best performing schools in previous UCE years.

The top best schools in Western Uganda (Ankole and Kigezi) districts in UCE 2022  are Here, There, Over There and Even Here.

The best schools in Uganda, according to UCE 2022 and UCE 2020 are Here and There.

The lists of best boys and girls’ secondary schools in Uganda in UCE 2020 are Here and There.

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