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LIST: Here are Ugandan Projects Which Will No Longer Get World Bank Money over Homosexuals – (Hard Times Ahead)  

The World Bank. Courtesy Photo

Several Ugandan projects that have been benefiting from World Bank Group funding will now have to look elsewhere for money after the World Bank Group announced it would no longer offer public financing to Kampala over the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

In this report, we look at how much funding projects under various sectors were getting off the share of a little over $5bn.

Of this amount which might no longer come to Uganda, $1.1bn or 21 per cent was meant for urban development, resilience of cities and urban centres as well as land management issues.

Up to $832m or about 16 per cent was for interventions in the energy sector and extractives;

$520m or 10 per cent was for governance issues; while $468m or nine per cent was for water projects.

A total of $416m or about eight per cent was for projects meant to spur competitiveness and innovation as well as other Finance Ministry intervention; while about the same amount, $416m, was for social sustainability and inclusion. 

Up to $364m or seven per cent was for transport projects.

Projects in health, nutrition and population will miss out on $364m or about six per cent of the total World Bank portfolio for Uganda.

Education will miss out on $208m or four per cent of the total World Bank funding. Agriculture and food projects as well as digital development efforts will also miss out on funding worth $208m each.

Also missing out on critical World Bank will be projects in the environment, natural resources and the blue economy, for which $156m or three per cent of the World Bank portfolio to Uganda. 


  1. Urban development, resilience of cities, urban centres and land management issues: $1.1bn
  2. Energy sector and extractives: $832m
  3. Governance issues: $520m
  4. Water projects: $468m
  5. Finance, competitiveness and innovations: $416m
  6. Social sustainability and inclusion: $416m
  7. Transport projects: $364m
  8. Health, nutrition and population: $364m
  9. Education: $208m
  10. Agriculture and food projects: $208m
  11. Digital development efforts: $208m
  12. Environment, natural resources and the blue economy:  $156m

Increasingly, Ugandan government agencies and a number of NGOs are losing billions in foreign funding.

Just last week, over 40 NGOs, government agencies and international organizations lost billions in funding after President Museveni ordered the UN Human Rights Office to leave Uganda. (See Details Here and There).

Before then, hundreds of NGOs and government agencies lost funding and some closed after Museveni chased DGF out of Uganda. (Read Stories Here and There).

Museveni says he has a plan to save the Ugandan economy from collapsing even after losing funding in form of loans and donations. (See Details Here).

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