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BUY KIKOMANDO & AIRTIME: When Ghetto Youth Gifted Museveni Shs100K for Personal Expenses

Museveni displaying the donation from Elijah Nsubuga aka Ghetto Commander. Courtesy Photo

While many have made it a habit to expect a yellow envelope from Ugandan president Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, one youth from the ghetto took it upon himself to make a donation to the head of state and government on his visit to his area a few years ago.

The events of that day, October 26, 2019, are being recalled by some after those who publicly joined Museveni expecting huge sums of money are coming out in the media to complain about how their expectations have not been met.

On that day in October 2019, President Museveni officiated at the launch of his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Youth Camp Headquarters at Kibuye in Kampala.

Here, a youthful man named Elijah Nsubuga aka Ghetto Commander won the president’s attention when he made a donation to the Ssabalwanyi’s future expenses.

Nsubuga told him the president to use the ka-money to buy some of his ‘personal needs’ – airtime ng’oyo, kikomando bwaba akyagadde [maybe some airtime or a chapatti-beans meal if he so desires].”

The president received the gift of the two 50,000 notes (worth about $27) from Nsubuga, whom he later described as “my son,” and thanked him for “his personal contribution towards any of my future expenses.”

A few years ago, Museveni shocked the nation when he revealed he earns Shs3.6m as his monthly salary. But Museveni and his family members’ State House budget is so big that when it came up for debate an MP asked whether Museveni and his wife Janet eat a whole cow every day, while on another occasion, MPs wondered if Museveni, a president of a very poor country, was becoming a Hollywood star who needs to buy new suits every day, after State House presented a huge budget for Museveni’s clothes. (See Details Here and There).

On the event when Nsubuga donated some ka-money to the president, two ‘singers’ were publicly announced as NRM’s new envoys: Mark Bugembe aka Buchaman, the party’s special envoy to the ghetto; and Catherine Kusasira, the presidential advisor for Kampala affairs.

Both Buchaman and Kusasira have since expressed their disappointment after failing to get the money from Museveni, and even failing to meet him to tell them their problems. In fact Kusasira was a few months ago embarrassed after being blocked from seeing Museveni while Buchaman has announced he will return to Bobi Wine’s NUP. (Read Stories Here and There).

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