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Is God Watching?

A worried man pondering. Courtesy Photo

Today morning I arrived

First at church

And took the front seat

But at 11am

I am now seated at the back

And it now hits me that

We are not equal before God

For why did ushers keep pushing

The thin poor young man

That I am to hind seats?

It was to create room

For the pot-bellied loaded believers

Who needed more comfort

To dip their hands into pockets

And bless the man of God

Who praised their kindness

And worshipped their wealth

And asked them to rise up

For a HUGE blessing

While the rest of us

Clapped under their weight!

I closed my eyes to pray

And found no tongue

But when I finally found it

I muttered:

“God, are you watching your servant?”

About the Poet

Samuel Kamugisha is a Ugandan journalist, poet and fiction writer. A Journalism and Communication graduate, his poetry and short stories are inspired by his work as a journalist and as an observer of events in his country.

Kamugisha’s poem, ‘The Honourable Weevil,’ was published in Wondering and Wondering of Hearts: A Collection of Poems from Uganda, while his two poems, ‘Flying Papers’ and ‘Priorities’ were long listed for the 2016 Babishai Niwe Poetry Award.

His other prose and poetry have been published by Brittle Paper, Parousia Magazine, DwartOnline, Praxis Magazine, and Africa Crayons, among other places.  You can read more of Samuel Kamugisha’s journalism, prose and poetry work on

You can also read Painting Soulless Kampala, Priorities, The Stream, Not Just a Number, and Because She’s Female.

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