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THE HUNTER WILL NOW BE HUNTED: Fearless Odonga Otto Fights Back; Takes on Kabaka’s TV & Traders

Odonga Otto. Courtesy Photo

Former Aruu North MP Samuel Odonga Otto is known for speaking his mind without fear or favor. Also, unlike those who pay lip service to causes they claim to believe in, Otto is a man who knows how to walk the talk. And his fight against depletion of forests for charcoal in Acholi sub-region speaks volumes about his actions being louder than his words.

It is clear that the fight against environmental degradation is being met with an equal force from those who have for years pocketed huge profits from charcoal trade. But Otto, a philosopher currently pursuing his PhD, is the right man for the battle against the group that is hell-bent on depleting forests as long as they will keep harvesting money from this trade.

For his fearlessness, Otto now faces charges of theft of 380 bags of charcoal and aggravated robbery. On Monday, May 08, 2023, the former MP willingly took himself to Aswa Regional Police Headquarters where he was charged vide: 57/2003 CRB 134/2023.

But the vocal politician from Pader has punched holes in the charges, labelling them ‘vexatious’ since over 500 “irate community members” offloaded the charcoal when Col (Rtd) Fearless Obwoya, the Pader District LCV Chairman, was present and in company of “armed police” from Angagura Police Post.

He has made it clear that as far as he is concerned, the charges have taken “a political line.”

Regarding the counts of aggravated robbery, Otto insisted that the alleged offences “happened when I was in the capital city.”

He added: “For avoidance of doubt the period, between 21st April Eid al-Fitr – 4th May 2023 I was in Kampala. On the very day of the alleged incidence, I even reported another matter to Ndejje Police Post under SD 08/29/04/2023. Uganda Police has enough capacity and technology to find out.”

The vocal philosopher and environmental activist has now revealed his next course of action in which he has threatened several legal suits against a number of people, including those involved in the charcoal trade value chain as well as those he accuses of broadcasting falsehoods against him.

He has announced that he will work with Ribee Pi Pacco (RPP), an advocacy group, and their lawyers to institute a ‘Public Private Prosecution’ against all the individuals involved in environmental degradation, tree cutting and charcoal trade.

“The individuals who complained at police have voluntary tendered useful evidence of admission/confession it will be used against them. ‘The hunter will now be hunted,” he noted.

He also revealed that as an individual, he will sue Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s TV station, Buganda Broadcasting Service (BBS) Television, and a one Mzee Charles Ssemanda “for broadcasting falsehood.”

Meanwhile, Otto, who is the RPP Team Leader, has saluted the Aswa Regional Police Headquarters for showing a “high level of professionalism.”

“We pray the actual culprits are brought to book. I thank my lawyers Counsel Tony Kitara and Counsel Julius Oweka and all RPP members. The environmental crusade will lawfully continue.”


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