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OLEMWA! Presidential Advisor Catherine Kusasira Left in Tears after Being Blocked from Meeting Museveni

Presidential advisor Catherine Kusasira and her boss Gen Yoweri Museveni

Singer and ‘presidential advisor’ on Kampala Affairs Catherine Kusasira aka Maama Kabina is not a happy woman after being blocked from seeing and meeting Ugandan head of state and government, the elderly President Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni.

Riding on her support for President Museveni, the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) and sole presidential election candidate, Kusasira won herself a role as an ‘advisor.’

With this job, Kusasira might have at first thought that meeting Museveni would be easier than most people find it.

She had thought she would knock at the president’s door any time she had something she felt she had something to advise him on or whenever she had a burning personal issue she wanted the fountain of honor to fix. But she was wrong. She had realized that it is not easy to meet the president and that the process involves some lobbying and going through various offices and people who matter.

This says something about the relationship between Museveni and his advisors. While they get their salaries and keep their not-so-prestigious title, these presidential advisors rarely meet the president.

Like many ordinary Ugandans, these presidential advisors never see the president as much as they should and, as veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda once said, except on TV.

Even the few times they meet Museveni, it is he (the president) that advises his advisors. We have previously reported on Museveni summoning his advisors and advising them at Kyankwanzi. (See Details Here).

So, after failing to secure an appointment to meet President Museveni at State House Entebbe and at Nakasero, Kusasira thought it wise to directly complain to the head of state and government in public.

She chose the presidential wealth creation tour of Masaka as a perfect opportunity to air out her grievances and tell the general from Rwakitura how she has wanted to meet him but has been blocked.

She came in the line of people who had stepped forward to testify of how they listened to the presidential gospels of wealth creation, money economy and four acre model and now have no regrets since they are minting millions from agricultural projects and value addition every month.

After introducing herself as Catherine Kusasira Maama Kabina and chanting pro-Museveni and NRM slogans, Kusasira thanked the general from Rwakitura for appointing her a presidential advisor but decried the lack of access to the man she is supposed to advise on Kampala Affairs.

The president then told the people that Kusasira was his rich daughter who should not be lining up for Parish Development Model and Emyooga programs.

Museveni also assured Kusasira that State House officials would call her to meet him next month. With an assurance of an appointment fixed for June 2023, Kusasira went back to her seat.

It should be remembered that Catherine Kusasira aka Maama Kabina has previously complained that she has lost everything as a result of supporting Museveni’s NRM and rejecting Bobi Wine’s NUP and People Power. (See Details Here).

Months ago, Catherine Kusasira was left in tears after failing to clear her bank loans, prompting the bank to put her house on auction so as to recover their money. (Read Story Here).

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