Pastor Ssempa on what awaits gospel singer Julie Mutesasira after wedding fellow woman

Pastor Martin Ssempa and gospel singer Julie Mutesasira. Courtesy Photos

Makerere Community Church Pastor Martin Ssempa says singer Julie Mutesasira may have to endure life-changing surgeries after she chose to legalize her lesbian marriage.

Days ago, images of Julie Mutesasira wedding a fellow woman emerged online, sparking condemnation from the religious Ugandans.

Acts of homosexuality are outlawed in Uganda, and many frown upon those who engage in the same.

But Mutesasira and her female sexual partner waved their marriage certificate for all to see as they got intimate after the ‘bizarre’ wedding.

Meanwhile, Julie’s former husband Steven Mutesasira has already replaced the controversial gospel singer with another woman named Judith.

Now, the vocal Pastor Ssempa, an sworn anti-homosexuality activist, says unless Julie Mutesasira repents and returns to God, she might have to go through the pain of transformation from woman to man.

According to Ssempa, Julie Mutesasira will have to undergo several operations to alter her nature so that she can look like a man to her female partner.

For example, Ssempa suspects Julie would have her breasts amputated, her pulled out and her fertility sterilized so that she may never have to bear children.

The anti-homosexuality crusader also says Julie would need to undergo procedures that could see her grow a beard, and deepen her voice to make it sound masculine.

For now, the embattled Pornography Control Committee member is praying that Julie Mutesasira will rescind her decision and run away from everlasting damnation that he says awaits all homosexuals.

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