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Julie Mutesasira breaks silence on same sex wedding

Julie Mutesasira. Courtesy Photo

Ugandan gospel singer Julie Naluggya Mutesasira has spoken out after photos of her wedding to a fellow woman leaked online, sparking condemnation from the religious community.

Julie’s lesbian wedding photos appeared online after her husband Pastor Steven Mutesasira wedded another woman named Judith at the weekend.

For years, Julie and Steven Mutesasira’s marriage was on the rocks, with the gospel singer fleeing to Canada and leaving her children Esther and Ezekiel in Kampala.

She would only break her silence after Esther and Ezekiel won the East Africa Got Talent contest.

Now after photos of her gay wedding caused a social media storm, Julie Mutesasira has told her followers on Instagram that she is just confused.

“I’m not divorced, I am not single, I am not searching; I’m not married but I’m confused,” she revealed.

The revelation leaves questions on whether she considers the same sex marriage she entered into fulfilling.

Otherwise, why would she claim she is not married yet she and her partner brandished a certificate for all and sundry to behold?

Her hint that she was not divorced could also mean she plans to return to Kampala to fight off newlywed Judith Mutesasira from her man.

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