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NO WAY: Uganda’s Catholic Church Rejects Pope Francis’ Order for Blessing Same-Sex Couples

Same-Sex Marriage Has NO Room in Uganda and Africa

Pope Francis. Photo by Vatican/ANSA

The Ugandan Catholic Church has joined its counterparts across African continent and around the world in expressing reservations on a pronouncement by the Pope Francis regarding blessing for same-sex couples.

The Fiducia Supplicans on the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings published by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith and approved by Pope Francis allows ordained Catholic priests has reignited divisions on conservative and liberal catholic priests.

The assembly of the catholic hierarchy in Uganda, Uganda Episcopal Conference (UEC), has issued a clarification through its chairman Bishop Anthony Joseph Zziwa, making it clear that the pronouncement does not change the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sacrament of holy matrimony.

Bishop Zziwa said there is “no way” same-sex unions will get the Ugandan catholic church’s blessings.

“Take it from us from today that this document does not in any way change the teachings of the Catholic Church on holy matrimony. The declaration is firm on the traditional doctrine of the Catholic hurch about marriage,” said the cleric in UEC’s Christmas message delivered at the Catholic secretariat in Kampala.

“There is no way you can say that we are going to bless same sex unions in church… one should neither provide nor promote the [blessing] ritual in an irregular situation.”

He emphasized that same-sex marriages would not be tolerated in the country.

“How can you say that we are going to preside over the marriage of such people which is contravening the law of the nation? Culturally, same sex marriage has no room in Uganda and Africa,” said the Bishop.

“The purpose of marriage is to have children. People of the same sex can’t get married and fulfil this purpose as stated in the book of Genesis. Jesus was born to Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem, so we happily celebrate his birthday [Christmas].”

The decision of the catholic church comes as Ugandans await the decision of the Constitutional Court on the legality of the Anti-Homosexuality Act passed in May 2023.

A five-judge bench, including Deputy Chief Justice Richard Buteera, Geoffrey Kiryabwire, Muzamiru Kibeedi, Monica Mugenyi and Christopher Gashirabake, will deliver their judgement on the matter on notice.

Meanwhile, the Anglican Church of Uganda months ago threatened to break ties with the Canterbury over gay marriages, saying churches in the West were lost. (See Details Here).

The US and the World Bank have led the way in slapping sanctions on Uganda over the anti-gay law. (See Details Here, There and Over There).

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