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Mathias Mpuuga Speaks Out after Bobi Wine Fired Him from LoP Job

Mathias Mpuuga Ready to Support Successor Joel Ssenyonyi

Mathias Mpuuga and Bobi Wine. Courtesy Photo

Outgoing leader of opposition in Parliament (LoP) Mathias Mpuuga Nsamba has spoken out after main opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) and its leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine fired him in a mid-term reshuffle of the leadership in parliament.

NUP unveiled first-time Nakawa West MP Joel Ssenyonyi as the new LoP, replacing experienced legislator Mpuuga of Nyendo-Mukungwe. Bobi Wine consoled Mpuuga with a commissioner of parliament job.

Bobi Wine said replacing Mpuuga with Ssenyonyi was not a way of demoting the seasoned legislator with a novice but rather showing the world that changing leadership should not be a difficult thing.

“We thank you for the leadership in tough times, for the comradeship you have given to various leaders including myself,” Bobi Wine told Mpuuga.

“Thank you for the insistence to face seemingly insurmountable odds. Thank you for being a punching bag for those who matter and those who do not matter.”


At the unveiling of his successor in Kampala on December 22, Mpuuga said NUP’s journey was not about who held what positions but one of efforts to better the country. He called on change-seeking forces to support Ssenyonyi “the new team leader in parliament.”

“Advise him; do not backstab him,” he said, adding: “don’t downplay his effort.”

Mpuuga then told Ssenyonyi he will back him up.

Ssenyonyi admitted that he was “not the most experienced” nor “the most educated of that team” but called for teamwork.

“I might not even be the most deserving according to some people. But such is leadership,” he said.

“I look forward to working with all the teams in the opposition because we are more similar than we are different.”

Away from the unveiling event, Ssenyonyi prayed for wisdom. He wrote: “Just like King Solomon prayed, I too pray for wisdom as I embark on this new role that comes with numerous challenges. By God’s grace, we shall surmount all the obstacles ahead. I salute Rt. Hon. Mathias Mpuuga for his service, and I look forward to working with him and the other colleagues in Parliament.”

Mpuuga said “it was an honour to lead a team of young multi skilled and talended ‘political novices’. I’m glad that we’ve been able to make the best out of them,” promising to “forever be available whenever and wherever given opportunity to be at the service of Uganda.”

You can read the profile of new LoP Joel Ssenyonyi, and see the list Bobi Wine’s new shadow cabinet ministers and committee bosses Here and There.

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