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MY STORY: Stuck at Checkpoint Staged by Hungry Traffic Police Officers after Disobeying Their Agents Who Wanted ‘Something’ to Help Me


Dear Editor,

Last Tuesday, I left my home district of Buyende heading to Iganga for a burial ceremony. While riding my Bajaj Boxer using the Buyende-Nawaikoke-Kaliro Road, I was very shocked by what happened to me.

Now, as I was approaching the Lumbuye Swamp, two young men ran towards me while shouting ‘stop, traffic stop.’ I stopped and asked what’s wrong? They explained and told me that ahead there are traffic officers and that they’re very harsh, not tolerating those who have no helmets, bikes in poor mechanical condition, etc.

For me I had no helmet but I told the boys I am going to talk to officers.

‘You what?’

Boys told me: ‘Pay us, we ride you past them because for us we’re not stopped.’ I just laughed at them and proceeded with the journey.

It wasn’t long before I reached where the officers staged. They stopped me, and immediately grabbed the keys of a still moving bike.

Now I went and talked to the commander, who only insisted I pay him UGX40,000, or I walk on foot. There we others who they had already caught for various traffic offences.

But, as I turned eyes on my phone for help, I noticed there were young men carrying 2 -3 or 4 passengers in both directions…

They didn’t have helmets; some were bare-footed, and no one stopped them. I was confused. I wanted to know what really was going on.

So, I called one of the boys and asked who they were working for and why they were not stopped.

This is what he told me: ‘We are agents working for the officers. They have come to work, so they want money but not directly because some of you know how to record them.’ He added: ‘We stop from afar, you pay us and we ride you past them. Just like that.’

I asked how I could be helped and he replied: ‘Officers already know you have disobeyed us, that’s why you are here. I don’t know how I can help.’ Oh my! My minds were like these officers are professional thieves!

Name withheld

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