Museveni To Ugandans: Schools & Economy Will Fully Reopen In January 2022 Whether You Get Vaccinated Or Not - The Pearl Times Museveni To Ugandans: Schools & Economy Will Fully Reopen In January 2022 Whether You Get Vaccinated Or Not - The Pearl Times

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Museveni to Ugandans: Schools & Economy Will Fully Reopen in January 2022 Whether You Get Vaccinated or Not

President Museveni. Courtesy Photo

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has made it clear that he will fully reopen schools and the entire economy in January 2022 whether Ugandans embrace Covid19 vaccination or not.

Museveni addressed the nation on October 28 evening.

He said his government had taken the necessary step to secure vaccines and that it was now up to Ugandans to take the Covid19 jabs or wait to only blame themselves when they battle the deadly viral disease.

He noted that by December 2021, Uganda will have received 23 million Covid19 vaccine doses.

“As we struggle to develop our own vaccines, vaccines from other sources have been made available. The government has been able to buy from willing sellers, and we have also received donations. We expect that more than 12 million Ugandans will have been vaccinated out of our target of 21 million people,” said the president.

“All the priority groups must be vaccinated by the end of December so that we open schools and the economy by January 2022.”

Museveni also asked the line ministries and agencies to include bar and market workers on the list of vulnerable frontline workers.

“I hope market and bar workers were included in the 4.8 million frontline and vulnerable categories that must be vaccinated. Those working in the bar are definitely frontline. They are actually in the battle itself,” said the president.

He also laughed at a proposal by government officials that government should seek donors’ help to boost the vaccination campaign.

“Some officials from Ministry of Health were suggesting that we need donors to help make people walk from Mawale to Semuto for vaccination. Really? We need donors to do this?” wondered the president.

“I am now here telling all Ugandans that vaccines for all frontline workers are now available. Walk to the health centre, use bodaboda, be carried by bazukulu; go by bicycles.”

Museveni also told the country Uganda would fully reopen despite the outlook of vaccination figures by January 2022.

“Even though you don’t come to get vaccinated, we shall open the economy in January,” said the president.

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