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KYABAZINGA WEDDING DILEMMA! Busoga Kingdom Breaks Silence on Kyabazinga’s Secret Children & UK Marriage Saga

Police Arrests People Telling Lies About Kyabazinga -- Muvawala

Kyabazinga, Kazimba and Mutesi

Busoga Kingdom’s Office of the Katuukiro (Prime Minister) Muvawala has spoken out after a woman claimed that Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV is her legally and religiously recognized husband and that they have two children together.

Through Mugerwa and Company Advocates, a woman identifying herself as Alison Anne Gabula has petitioned the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Uganda, Steven Samuel Kazimba Mugalu, seeking to block the king’s marriage to Inhebantu Jovia Mutesi.

In her petition dated November 08, 2023, Alison Anne Gabula claimed that her and the Busoga monarch had a church wedding in Portsmouth, England in December 2016. She alleged that their marriage certificate was number AK594729L.

Alison Anne Gabula went on to alleged that she and the Kyabazinga have two children together, one aged six and the other eight.

“This serves to notify the church of our client’s objection and request that the honorable Church of Uganda does not proceed to wed Mr. William Kadhumbula Gabula, the Kyabazinga of Busoga, with Ms Jovia Mutesi during the subsistence of our client’s marriage as the same would amount to bigamy and contrary to church norms,” read Alison Anne Gabula’s petition to the Archbishop as written through  Mugerwa and Partners.

Now according to Katuukiro Joseph Muvawala, Alison Anne Gabula’s petition “contains both defamatory and false information for which the record needs to be set clear.” Muvawala has revealed that the petitioner and her lawyers have failed to present a copy of the marriage certificate to which reference is made. He Katuukiro claimed that the kingdom had talked to the Archbishop and the Bishop of Busoga and neither had confirmed receipt of the said marriage certificate.

He further insisted that the Kyabazinga was not married, has no children, and that the allegations by Alison Anne Gabula should be investigated by police.

“For the record, His Majesty William Gabula Nadiope IV has never been married to anyone under the known forms of marriage in Uganda and elsewhere, has never sired any children, is not a British citizen and the purported Alison Anne Gabula is unknown to him and has never been married to His Majesty. There is no record for any marriage of His Majesty in the United Kingdom or anywhere else in the world and the content of the said letter is subject to police investigations,” read a letter from the Office of the Katuukiro in part.

“The Kingdom has formerly reported these malicious and defamatory occurences to police and other security agencies who have since commenced investigations into these criminal and illicit activities intended to create panic and anxiety among the Basoga and general public.”

Muvawala also revealed that some people have been arrested and offering useful clues on the motives and people behind the blackmail. The kingdom has also decided to push for the prosecution of those telling lies about the king. The Prime Minister insisted that the wedding will go on as scheduled and that the king and inhebantu were in “fine health and jovial moods” ahead of royal event.

Meanwhile, there had been terror alerts warning against attending events such as the Kyabazinga royal wedding and Nyege Nyege Festival. Also, a ‘chief’ has warned all married couples to desist from ‘touching each other’ on the eve of Kyabazinga’s wedding to avoid disaster. (See Details Here and There).

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