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FORBIDDEN, DON’T EVEN TOUCH!’ All Basoga Warned Against Having Sex on Kyabazinga Wedding Eve to Avoid Disaster

Leave Your Marital Beds & Sleep on the Floor – Basoga Couples Told

Kyabazinga and his bride

In what may appear shocking to some of the subjects of Busoga monarch Kyabazinga William Gabula Nadiope IV, the head of the traditional healers in the kingdom has warned that disaster could befall married couples who get tempted to touch their partners on the eve of the king’s wedding.

On November 18, Kyabazinga Gabula is expected to wed his official wife Jovia Mutesi. The wedding will happen at Christ’s Cathedral Church in Jinja North’s Bugembe town.

While the wedding should call for celebrations, that to some might involve couples fulfilling their ‘marital obligations,’ Patrick Mudungu, the head of traditional healers, has sent a warning to those planning to ‘pick to pick the forbidden fruit’ to desist from the act.

Mudungu says the eyes of the spirits will be watching through the kingdom to see which people will disobey the tradition of abstaining to respect the king.

It is, therefore, better for one to sleep on the floor or even outside their house instead of sleeping near their partner in the same bed where there are many chances of falling into temptation.

The idea, according to Mudungu, is to tame the flesh and not giving in to its desires, disrespecting the king and dishonoring the gods.

“This is a precaution to all people that the spirits will be watching everyone on that night [the eve of the wedding – November 17] and those who will go against this will experience a ‘change’ in their lives,” Mudungu has been quoted as telling Daily Monitor.

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