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‘Is Speaker Anita Among Holding Museveni to Ransom?’

That’s Blackmail – Suspended Deputy RCC Anderson Burora Tells Speaker

Museveni with Anita Among
‘Is Speaker Anita Among Holding Museveni to Ransom?’
Anderson Burora

Let’s make this clear: I have nothing personal with Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda.

Secondly, We hold public offices in trust of the people, once we lose trust in the people, and you claim that you don’t care for as long as the President is in support of what you do, to me that amount to blackmail.

Much as the President trusts and charges us with the responsibility to hold office, we are meant to use these offices to popularize his image, publicize the government in order for the One who gave us responsibility to stay afloat. In this case, the President does not derive any popular support from the people because of Madam Anita.

It is true that there are so many things that Madam Anita has done for President Museveni, my point of departure is two-fold:

  1. Do you hold the President at ransom because of what you have done with him?
  2. Do you have to take advantage of what you are doing with the President to abuse office, to conflict in matters that the public has interests in and that are noble to the Public?

Like I have said before, the public needs answers: not the explanation to the President. As days pass, so many answers are demanded. Whether the President is aware, that will be another case. If the Public, asks questions and you run to explain to the President, then more questions are likely to crop up.

In the so much time that I have now, I will ensure that I break these demands for answers into segments for Rt. Hon. Speaker to understand us. For her to know that we are not only Taxpayers but also we are Ugandans and that it is disrespectful equate Ugandans as being idle on social media. We also need her to know that social media is not only social media but a platform for information transmission and feedback.

I don’t think Ugandans have other problems with Hon. Anita Among beyond accountability. This, she should know.

Anderson Burora is a suspended Deputy Resident City Commissioner (D-RCC). 

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