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THEY WANT TO KILL ME: Prof Jimmy Spire Ssentongo Cries Out after Exposing ‘Rot’ in Anita Among-led Parliament

Professor and Activist Says He’s Ready to Pay the Ultimate Price

Prof Jimmy Spire Ssentongo. Courtesy Photo

Prof Jimmy Spire Sentongo, a university professor and activist, has claimed that there is a plan to track him with the intention of harming him for his role in online exhibitions that have exposed the corruption, abuse of public funds and nepotism, the latest being Parliament of Uganda.

Prof Ssentongo, who teaches at both Makerere University and Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) Nkozi, says he has learnt of a plot in which Parliament of Uganda – whose Speaker is Bukedea District Woman MP Anita Annet Among – has asked Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to track his and his associates’ conversations.

“I’m authoritatively aware that ‘Parliament’ has secretly asked UCC for all my communication details and the job has started – including tracing who I talk to, what, when, where, where I stay, the time of day/night I last communicate, movements, etc. This may include intentions to harm me,” claimed Ssentongo.

“UCC, you may accept to be used in those evil selfish schemes, but whatever you are doing, I’m aware – because there are many people in there that are not happy with the trend we are taking, and that appreciate our cause in demanding for accountability and responsive service.  They pay taxes too, and wish to be served better. Whether the law gives Parliament and UCC that power over people they should be representing/serving may not matter now. But it will matter some day – even if I won’t be there.”

Ssentongo warned UCC, whose Executive is former minister Nyombi Thembo – not to give in to alleged evil demands from public officials who have allegedly engaged in corruption and are now seeking to evade accountability.

“It is unfortunate that this is how they respond to public demands for them to account to tax payers/ citizens, whom they purport to represent. How we got to this level of impunity and abuse of citizens and how we get out of it should concern us all – regardless of political affiliation,” he noted.

“The system we’ve built is not sustainable and not safe for any of us and our children, including those currently benefitting from it. You are riding a tiger and are thrilled by its speed, but it will eat you too.”

To those who want him dead, Prof Ssentongo says his demise – if it happens sooner or later – will not necessarily kill the anger in Ugandans’ heart, and that many will rise up to demand accountability.

“Sorting Spire, or any other individual who is demanding for what is truly theirs, is not going to solve the problem. Even if you kill Spire today, it will only multiply Spires and anger. More aggressive Spires will rise to avenge. Even if Spire keeps quiet, it won’t stop the brewing anger, facilitated by your arrogance, greed, abuse of citizens’ good will, extravagance, and beastly indifference. Address the pains of the people instead of seeking to gag and destroy them,” he continued.

“Of course my death would be unfortunate to those who care about me and what I do, but I won’t be there to feel it. There are only two possibilities for all of us: You are either alive or dead. So please, if you choose, shoot and feel good. It doesn’t require many bullets to stop a heart. UCC, help them hold the gun. Much of what I wanted to do here, I suppose I have done it. And I’m consoled by the natural assurance, that many more will always pick the baton and do much more. No human can stop time.”

Prof Spire Sentongo’s comrade in hard-hitting online exhibitions Agather Atuhaire has recently claimed that she was chased out of a house she was renting because she had exposed Speaker Anita Among. Atuhaire has won awards for her role in activism, the latest being the International Women of Courage Award 2024. (See Details Here, There and Over There).

Spire Sentongo has previously claimed he received death threats over online exhibitions exposing top government officials. (Read Story Here).

Meanwhile, in response to the corruption, abuse of office and nepotism allegations at Parliament, Speaker Anita Among has blamed her woes on the Anti-Homosexuality Act. She has also claimed that a former speaker who wants her job is the one sponsoring the online exhibition exposing the alleged rot in Parliament. (See Details Here and There).

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