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Challenge Museveni now or wait to be humiliated like Ssekandi: Nambooze tells Kadaga

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze Bakireke has asked the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga to stop hiding in the wings of President Museveni because her own time to become President has already come.

She made the call through a facebook post on Wednesday night where she warned her Kamuli District counterpart that by calling MPs foe the launch of her Speakership bid at Munyonyo this week, she has dared her party Chairman to a point of no turning back for a deadly rift is set to occur that could leave the speaker crashed.

“My elder sister Kadaga, Im surprised that up to now you dont know that Museveni can do anything under the sun for power!! You challenge him to call MP -elects under his cult and you think that is too hard for him ( for him to finish you off?” She wrote.

Nambooze thus asked Kadaga to use this as an opportunity to go after Museveni’s seat or accept to be humiliated and reduced to nothing like his predecessor Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi whose appointment to the Vice President made his relevance taken leading to his subsequent loss in the Jan 14 elections.

Nambooze adds that Kadaga would lose nothing been if she opted out of the race having done all there was for her in that position for ten years as Deputy Speaker and another ten as Speaker.

She says that after her heroics in the August House in the past two decades, she can not fit an ordinary position in the house, not even as a Vice President but only a shot at the Presidency to cement her glittering legacy.

Alternatively, she says that the only other option available for her to mend fences with the president after daring to challenge his authority is to go and beg for forgiveness while promising to tighten the nooze round the necks of opposition and facilitate any Constitutional amendment that pleases the ruling establishment. She can also accept to become VP, be phased out slowly untill her time to be humiliated the Ssekandi way will finally arrive.

“I advise you go to Museveni ,kneel down and promise him for sure to amend the constitution to make Uganda a Presidential Monachy, promise him to kill us next time we oppose the amendment of the constitution or allow him to appoint you VP and wait for your day to be like the man from Kyanamukaaka.” Nambooze advised Kadaga.

But if she is to remain in the race and stand as a real pill for Museveni, Nambooze advised that Kadaga insists on protecting the institution of parliament by standing for it’s independence, fighting for the separation of powers and desist from any attempts to remind members of her regrettable role in amending the constitution to allow Museveni stand for his sixth term this year.

This, she says is a very painful message for those in opposition to hear. Yet, Museveni will not want to appreciate her for the role, let alone wanting to feel he was rescued by a mere Kadaga with all the monies he invested to buy off MPs to vote in favor of the amendment.

This way, she says Kadaga will be that candidate who can make Ssemujju Nganda and Richard Ssebamala to reconsider their candidature and let her win or lose with the people and retire from active politics but with honor.

Conclusively, Nambooze wonders if there is any reason for which Kadaga should be fiercely fighting to retain the office she has worked under foo the last twenty years and accelled to the maximum rather than concentrating on trying to get the Presidency for herself.

“Do you really have to struggle that much to be Speaker, why don’t you invest those energies in the Presidency?” she concluded.

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