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GIFT FROM FROM MUSEVENI, FRUITS OF STRUGGLE & ALL NONSENSE: Here’s How Ugandans are Reacting to Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago’s ‘New Expensive Car’

Lord Mayor Lukwago car

There are mixed reactions to the news that Kampala Lord Mayor Ssalongo Erias Lukwago received a ‘new’ expensive vehicle, with some saying the vehicle should not surprise anyone since the city boss is ‘a big and rich person,’ and others trying to argue that the ride is from President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government and a gift to the opposition politician. 

Debate on Lukwago’s new official car, a Land cruiser V8 hybrid, has been raging on for many hours on social media after a photo of the same, believed to have been taken at the City Hall parking lot, was shared.

While some people claim that Lukwago has had this car for some time, it is known that the lord mayor, who doubles as the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Deputy Vice President for Central Uganda, has been moving in a  Land Rover Discovery 4.

For nearly 10 years, Museveni’s government had declined to buy Lukwago a car that fits his status as the lord mayor of the country’s capital city.

But he now has been given the Land Cruiser V8 hybrid car whose cost is said to be in the range of $85,655 (nearly Shs330m excluding taxes) minus taxes.

Here, we sample some of the reactions from Ugandans:

With all this Malala, if these guys were in power, only God knows. See the gang that Bobi Wine moves around with, chasing everyone out of the way. But these are the same people who call others arrogant and complain about the President’s convoy. Just enjoy the Uganda built by M7.Ruhima Jonah (@JonahRuhima)

Following all posts about this car one has to believe it’s was a plan; Just the reasons mentioned in all posts. Also has Bobi Wine ever closed any roads for his events or exclusively for his use? Not sure how his name links to the Lord Mayor’s car. Lukwago is not even in NUPPeter Ekakoro (@ekakoro_peter)

I know many who own more that and are not even next to what Lukwago does. Having a nice car is normal. Other Lawyers have better.Love Child Sean (@callme_SeanM)

Congratulations Salongo! Enjoy. David Kabanda (@DaudiKabanda)

Lord Mayor’s car not Lukwago’s car. That’s a government property.Julius Lubega (@Educat1Julius)

It’s not from M7’s pocket.  It’s tax payers’ money and the car is registered for the office of Lord Mayor who happened to be Erias Lukwago.Esther (@Esther27694832)

I know local business men with such cars. It’s not of alarm to want to blackmail these people because they have attained that. Lukwago, when paid what court awarded him in compensation and damages, can even buy four of those. He’s a lord mayor and was an MP, why not?Julius Akankwasa (@AkankwasaJuliu1)

But seriously your point would be to ask whether even the Mayor would accept such an expensive Car when his people don’t even have drugs in Hospitals.  He, Lukwago, should be embarrassed to drive 400 Million Car when children around Kampala don’t have school facilities.  Shame. – (Opusi (@Opusi4)

It should be remembered that a few months ago, there was noise after the speaker and deputy speaker of Parliament bought multi-billion ceremonial cars. (Read Story Here).

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