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Zahara, I can’t love you by force: Don Solomon tells off NBS gossip queen in leaked conversation

City gossip queen Zahara Totto of the NBS Uncut fame has broken up with Toni Suleiman aka Don Solomon over cheating allegations and money.

Zahara Totto claims that Don Solomon has been cheating on her with city girls that he hooked up with on social media platforms such as Instagram.

The NBS TV presenter took to her Snapchat account to announce their breakup, shredding all the girls she though were sleeping with Don Solomon in the house they lived in.

She labelled one of the girls, said to have replaced her as Don Solomon’s new giril, as “the sl*t that has been sleeping with my boyfriend.”

Zahara Totto's side of the breakup story
Zahara Totto’s side of the breakup story

In response, Don Solomon defended the new girl. He also explained why he left Zahara Totto.

“Lol, you can post anything you want about my girl. The truth is I cannot be with you anymore. I have my own reasons as to why I left you Zahara,” he wrote.

“You don’t have respect for anybody. Post all the lies about someone you don’t even know.”

Don Solomon with his lover
Don Solomon with his lover


Zahara Totto also revealed: “I tried to talk to him so we resolve things where it had gone wrong as I didn’t want the relationship to end!”

“But he used to take advantage to continue with his ashawo behavior of sleeping with more sl*ts.”

On reports that she was sleeping with Don Solomon for money, Totto said she was working hard to look after herself.

In a new leaked conversation, Zahara Totto is heard begging Don Solomon not to dump her, to which Solomon says she can’t force him to love her.

“Zahara, I don’t want to be with you, you cannot force to love you; I can’t love you by force,” he told a begging Zahara Totto.

“Zahara, I don’t want; you don’t love me.”

Don Solomon tells Zahara she is too disrespectful to his family, including his mother, and the gate keeper.

The conversation between Zahara Totto and Don Solomon

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