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YOU’RE USELESS! Pastors Bujjingo and Wilson Bugembe ‘Tear Each Other Into Pieces’ Over Mama Fiina’s Money

Pastors Aloysius Bujjingo and Wilson Bugembe

A war of words between Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo and Wilson Bugembe of Worship House has ensued after the former castigated the latter of receiving money from witchdoctors such as Maama Fiina, and of entertaining drunkards and secular musicians at his concert. 

At the weekend, Pastor Bugembe hosted his ‘Katonda w’Abanaku Concert’ at Hotel Africana in Kampala. During this concert, secular musicians attended and performed. Maama Fiina also showered Bugembe with money.

After watching videos from the concert, Bujjingo said it was regrettable that his Salt Media stations had run announcements for the show.

“There was a concert, organized by born-again Christians in the city, but beer was flowing. We advertised the concert not knowing it would for born-again Christians but we saw more secular musicians performing,” said Bujjingo.

“The bible says that every knee must before the Lord but it was the knee of the pastor bowing before the leader of witchdoctors and traditional healers in Uganda.


But Bujjingo, of the Nansana-based Worship House, has fired back at the Makerere-Kikoni-based pastor. Without mentioning his name, Pastor Bugembe rebuked a powerful pastor, saying that he had always respected him only for him to realize how empty-headed and “very useless” he is.

Bugembe says he will not stop inviting witchdoctors and all sinners to his Nansana Church. He even vowed to remove doors from his Nansana church so that sinners can enter whenever they want.

The youthful pastor and singer further argued that his decision to allow non-born again people to his concerts and church is based on the fact that he loves everyone unconditionally just like Jesus did, and that when they attend, the seed of God can somehow be planted in their lives.

Bugembe has also made it clear that the God he serves is very powerful and that witchdoctors, wizards and traditional healers cannot scare him.

“I can shake hands with 10 witches and go home and sleep peacefully. My Jesus is more powerful than Satan, and He is love. I’m telling all the non-believers in the world to come to Worship House if other churches don’t want them,” said Bujjingo.

Meanwhile, Pastor Bujjingo has recently revealed that his ‘wife’ Suzan Makula was recently left in shock after she landed on phone evidence showing that a wealthy city woman has been begging Bujjingo to ‘chew her,’ impregnate her or she dies. (Read Story Here).

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