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YOU’RE TOTAL IDIOTS: Besigye Tells Off Ugandans Criticizing Him and His Red Card Front

Besigye. Courtesy Photo

Opposition politician Dr Kizza Besigye has described Ugandans criticizing his recently launched People’s Front for Transition (PFT) Red Card Twetaase initiative without offering the struggle alternatives as “total idiots.”

Last week, at least six political parties joined Besigye to launch PFT.

But some Ugandans criticized Besigye, saying he was just looking for political relevance after skipping the 2021 presidential election.

Others argued that Besigye and his FDC party should not be the ones to lead the struggle but rather singer-turned politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and his NUP which is now the largest opposition party in Parliament.

FDC president Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA) has made it clear FDC doesn’t need NUP’s permission to continue with the struggle against the Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni regime.

Besigye has demanded a public apology from Bobi Wine.

Now, in an interview with the weekly Observer newspaper, Besigye has said those criticizing his plan without offering alternatives are simply ‘idiots.’

“Rather than looking at my idea, which is not working, they should get their own ideas that work so that we will all be happy to join them and work with them. If you are not bringing anything on the table and then you are spitting at someone who is bringing a solution, then you are as bad as the problem we are trying to solve,” Besigye was quoted as saying.

“You are a total idiot and we have a large supply of these idiots. It’s part of the problem we are trying to solve; the lack of knowledge.”

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