You’re now a pagan to FDC: Opponent Wallen Tumwine Nuwagaba mocks dismissed Ingrid Turinawe

Rukungiri Municipality FDC parliamentary flagbearer Dr Wallen Tumwine Nuwagaba and dismissed party mobiliser Ingrid Kamateneti Turinawe

Ingrid Turinawe’s Rukungiri Municipality parliamentary election opponent and official flag bearer of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), Dr Wallen Tumwine Nuwagaba, has fired back at the dismissed party mobiliser for refusing to leave.

On December 10, it emerged that FDC secretary general Nathan Nandala Mafabi had expelled Turinawe from FDC for standing as an independent in Rukungiri Municipality.

Four months ago, Turinawe and incumbent MP Rolland Kaginda Mugume lost to Dr Wallen Tumwine Nuwagaba in the Rukungiri Municipality primary election.

However, she decided to run as an independent.

Now, Nuwagaba has reminded Turinawe she is not an FDC member anymore, comparing her to a disorderly pagan.

“You are not part of FDC, you are busy saying ‘FDC oyeee!’ Let her go independent. You see when you are independent, you are a pagan practically because even God needs order,” said Nuwagaba.

He told his opponent to eat humble pie and leave the race since she lost among the delegates whose choice she had fully participated in.

Nuwagaba says it is time for the party’s constitution to be followed to the letter.

“Who presided over the election of these delegates? Herself!” claimed Nuwagaba.

“You can’t turn around; it’s an organization, it’s a process that she herself put up.”

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