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YOU’RE LIKE YOUR FATHER & MOTHER! Bobi Wine Blasts Gen Muhoozi for Asking Why Ugandan Girls Choose to Work as House Maids in Dubai

Bobi Wine: Museveni Has Turned Uganda into a Bar Where His Son Can Drink & Even Chew the Bottles
Bobi Wine, Muhoozi Kainerugaba and Museveni

Ugandan first son and senior presidential advisor on special operations Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba is wondering why any Ugandan girl or woman would choose to fly to Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and elsewhere in the Middle East to work as a maid and, in some cases, end up suffering at the hands of their bosses. And National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is not amused and thinks that the newly promoted General Muhoozi is like his father Gen Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni and his mother Janet Kataaha Kainembabazi Museveni.

For years now, Uganda has been sending thousands of her women and girls to work as house maids in the Middle East as well as her young and energetic men to casual work in the Arab world.

Labour export has not only become a solution to high unemployment levels in the country but it is also a source of revenue for the Museveni government and nations hosting Ugandan migrant workers.

Ugandans working in the Middle East earn significantly higher than their counterparts doing the same jobs such as housemaids. For example, while a number of house maids working in Uganda earn less than Sh100,000 every month, each, one working in the Middle can earn a little over 10 times this amount.

Museveni’s 48-year-old son has been wondering why women and girls leave these housemaid and other lowly in Uganda only to end up suffering doing the same work in the Middle East.

“Why are our girls going to the Middle East for jobs as waitresses, house girls and nannies? I hear they are suffering there. Don’t we have these jobs here??” wondered Muhoozi.

Last week, Bobi Wine’s Dubai charity concert was cancelled following his arrest, frustrating the singer-turned-politician’s efforts to return Ugandans stuck in Dubai. Bobi Wine has since announced another fundraising drive for Ugandans detained in Dubai. (Read Stories Here and There).

For the 48 years Muhoozi has so far lived, he has been a son of a president for 36 years.

Bobi Wine feels that Muhoozi has been ‘blinded by privilege’ and does not understand the issues of the common man.

He also thinks that the first son is behaving like his father and mother, especially given their alleged response to the plight of Ugandans in need of government help.

“His father told Ugandans to eat cassava if they can’t afford bread. His ‘mother’ asked poor village mothers who can’t afford food to buy food-flasks. NOW THIS,” wrote the singer and politician.

“Blinded by privilege! Completely detached from the reality of Ugandans who they have plundered for close to four decades!”

It should be remembered that a few months ago, President Museveni left Ugandans shocked and cursing when he told people to eat cassava if they cannot afford bread. (Read Story Here).

Meanwhile, it is beginning to look like a looming presidential election between Muhoozi and Bobi Wine is taking shape.

Days ago, Muhoozi made it clear that ‘we will never allow Bobi Wine to become Uganda’s President.’ (Read Story Here).

Muhoozi’s next plan following his promotion and decoration as a full UPDF general also seeks to dig into Bobi Wine’s support of the youths. (Read Story Here).

As all this is happening, a popular prophet who rightly predicted William Ruto’s presidential election victory has revealed the man who will be Uganda’s next president after Museveni. (See Shocking Details Here).

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