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YOU’RE A FAILURE IN MARRIAGE & A HUSBAND SNATCHER: Pastor Kayanja’s Wife Jessica Blasts Bujjingo’s Suzan Makula in Veiled Attack

Miracle Center Cathedral Pastor Robert Kayanja’s wife Jessica has launched a series of veiled attacks against a woman suspected to be Suzan Makula, the ‘second’ wife of Pastor Aloysius Bujjingo, the lead pastor of House of Prayer Ministries International (HPMI).

A few years ago, Bujjingo’s marriage with Teddy Naluswa collapsed.

Bujjingo then fell in love with Suzan Makula Nantaba, a Salt Media staff.

Makula has since introduced Bujjingo to her family. (Read Story Here).

But Bujjingo and Makula later told court they were not married.

According to Jessica Kayanja, women snatchers have no moral authority to counsel other women about marriage.

“They have despised us a lot. You found me in peace with my husband, you have manipulated the man. If you knew how to handle a man, why did you fail to get yours? You cannot start telling us what to do when you failed in your previous relationships,” said Jessica in a recent televised service.

“If you are an expert, why are you stealing someone else’s man? Why did the first man abandon you if you knew you were good? You cannot be a marriage counsellor if you failed in your previous relationships. You have no moral authority to tell a woman who has been married for 30 years with children to vacate her home. Leave our husbands, we love them.”

Suzan Makula is involved in some activities meant to inspire girls and women. She also co-hosts The Junction show on Salt TV during which marriage issues are discussed.

Kayanja’s wife went ahead to tell girls to pray for their husbands instead of snatching married men.

“Women are suffering quietly in their marriages. This is not acceptable. Single girls, stop playing games with covenant women. Married women, always remember that in righteousness is when we shall be established. Always remember a scripture that what God has put together, let no man separate. Even if your husband is cheating, continue respecting him,” preached Jessica Kayanja.

“God is preparing your soulmate. Seek God. He will bring the right person your way. Do not break people’s marriages. I found my husband in a papyrus church now we are in a glass cathedral. Pray for your soulmate.”

Pastor Bujjingo recently said he hates divorce because it is a sign of failure. (Read Story Here).

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