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Your victory is a win for Africa: Balokole pastors congratulate Museveni on beating Bobi Wine

Museveni with Pastor Kayanja. Courtesy Photo

A group of Born Again Pentecostal Church leaders has congratulated President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni on his January 14 presidential election victory against National Unity Platform (NUP)’s Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and nine others.

Museveni garnered 58 per cent of just over 10 million votes cast, followed by Bobi Wine who polled 35 per cent.

Bobi Wine is challenging the results in the Supreme Court.

Weeks before the court can even give its ruling, Pastor Robert Kayanja of Miracle Centre Cathedral in Rubaga led a group of pastors to congratulate Museveni.

Kayanja and his fellow pastors drove to State House Entebbe to congratulate the 76-year-old leader.

“Today we are here to congratulate you,” Kayanja delivered the pastors’ message.

“Our relationship with the NRM government is not a seasonal affair but a lasting and deep partnership for the good of our country. Your victory is ours, Uganda’s and Africa’s.”

The pastors also thanked God for the gift He gave Uganda in the president. But they prayed against the spirit of sectarianism.

“When Godly people are in power and leadership, the people rejoice. As a father of the nation — like Moses in the Bible days — God has used you to deliver several freedoms to this country, including the freedom of worship,” noted Kayanja.

“We must resolve to deal with it [sectarianism. This venomous creature thrives on corruption and poverty — which are driven by elitism and unpatriotic individuals.”

For his part, Museveni told the pastors the Anglican and Catholic (traditional church) leaders had failed to address the issues of health and wealth of Ugandans.

“It is not correct for churches, political parties and government to live with people in need. I am very happy to be joined by the churches to work on this issue,” noted the president.

“Go back and analyze. Find out how many people in the communities are involved in the money economy. This is the biggest war the church can help us fight. It is sin to live with poor people.”

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