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YOU’LL BE EATEN LIKE ESHABWE! Mixed Reactions as Doreen Nyanjura Announces She Will Stand Against Muhoozi in 2026 Presidential Election

Doreen Nyanjura and Muhoozi. Courtesy Photos

Ugandans across the political divide have received the news of Kampala Capital City Deputy Lord Mayor Doreen Nyanjura Omutatiina’s announcement that she will stand against first son and senior presidential advisor on special operations Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. 

The youthful Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) politician says her supporters — Nyanjuraholics — have asked her to join the presidential contest ring and give Museveni’s son a run for his money.

Nyanjura’s announcement was greeted with mixed reactions, with pro-Muhoozi activists such as chief marketer and radio owner Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi telling the Makerere Councillor that the first son will politically eat her like eshabwe.

But Nyanjura’s supporters such as Simon Wanyera, Brian Batenda and his wife Patricia swore to support her, saying time had come for her to rule Uganda.

Here are some of the reactions:

Jangu bakugaye nga EshabweBalaam Barugahara Ateenyi @Balaam1980

You’re all invited to a competition where Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba will triumph over you all, along with your boss – Kizza and Bobi WineMr Jordan @MrJordanposts

You have failed to manage a small city & now you want a whole country?TRACY @NinsiimaTracy

I will see my husband Brian Atuheire in 2027. But that’s very fine for the sake of the country. We shall vote Doreen NyanjuraNakora Patricia@NakoraP

No one can stop an idea whose time has come. Mission 2026 Doreen Nyanjura for president of Uganda. Ehh Nyanjura oyeeee, Ehhh winning oyeeee Ehhh Muhoozi zeeeeee raaa chaaa ahhhh ahhh.Wanyera Simon @StreetRebelRS

If you asking for an opinion you aren’t ready. Ask yourself if you are up to the task? What do you have to offer apart from seeking approval from the media? Where do you want Uganda to be in 10years time. How will you achieve that? What is your agricultural policy? God’s  Child @GodsChi45504506

Hehehe stop making jokes dear. Uganda already decided for whom to hold its future, and that is none other than Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.Sharon Love Nagawa @love_nagawa

Besigye is the one who made you not Ugandans please but however you have your right to test waters. If your master has faded, what can become his followers surely. oyite @oyite6

You will challenge him on streets because all he’s planning is to take power by force. His Father will not allow him to contest.  I rather advise you to start recruiting troops (civilians) that will come on streets challenging Army to take over leadership.Brook Williams. @williamkikomeko

Unless you first get married coz leadership starts from home; if u can’t have your own family that’s husband and kids then you aren’t fit to lead the societyKarumuna kagubare @KarumunaA

Even when you make a coalition with your boss Besigye and Bobi Wine combined. He will defeat you.MK Bodyguard @WassajjaAiden

You have my full support, although we shouldn’t forget about the question of whether the elections shall be free and fair. You might contest against him when you and your supporters are in Luzira. Let’s first seek electoral justice & democracy.Arinaitwe Victor @arinaitwevicto1

When we were young, we had a big headed girl called Doreen in the neighborhood, she had big dreams. Every car that bypassed was hers. Doreen indeed was a dreamer.Joseph Tumuboine Ateenyi

You would be supported and judged on the merits of your character, your principles, agenda, and your workable ideas to move Ugandans forward economically. Gen Kainarugaba has no intent to stand for president as he has repeatedly made clearErik Aamot @ErikAamot

On October 15, Nyanjura announced that she will run against Museveni’s son Muhoozi in the 2026 presidential election. (Read Story Here).

Meanwhile, in his prophecy titled ‘The Next King of Uganda,’ a respected prophet who accurately predicted William Ruto’s presidential election victory has revealed the man God has chosen to take over from Museveni as Uganda’s next president. (See Details Here).

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