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You won’t see heaven! Stella Nyanzi curses MPs for passing Law against homosexuals

Controversial academic and politician Dr Stella Nyanzi has told members of Uganda’s Parliament their homophobia will not allow them to go heaven after they sneaked ban on homosexuality in recently passed Sexual Offences Bill.

Although most Ugandans remain hostile to homosexuals, a law criminalizing homosexuality was nullified by the country’s Constitutional Court in. 2014.

Passed by Parliament in 2013 and assented to by President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, the Anti-Homosexuality Act had proposed a death penalty or life imprisonment for homosexuals.

But as the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs debated the Sexual Offences Bill, it included penalties for those engaged in same-gender sex and marriage.

“The committee therefore recommends that for completeness, clause 11 should stand part of the Bill albeit with the amendments that the ingredients of the offence are defined to include; A ban on a sexual act between persons of the same gender,” Committee chairperson Jacob Oboth Oboth proposed.     

Homosexuality was placed under unnatural offences, which also include bestiality.

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Those engaged in these ‘unnatural’ acts now risk imprisonment for five years.

Dr Nyanzi now says the smuggling of clauses against homosexuality is a cowardly expression of homophobia.

“The action by Uganda’s parliament of sneaking another revised version of animosity towards homosexuals into the Sexual Offences Bill that was passed yesterday is really cowardly homophobia,” she said.

“One day, all these bad laws in Uganda will be amended and stricken out of our law books!”

Nyanzi told MPs and other Ugandans opposed to homosexuality that hell was waiting for them.

“All homophobes will never go to heaven,” she concluded.

But most Ugandans online blasted her for perversion, with some branding her an agent of foreign powers and the devil.

Some told her such agendas, like the pro-homosexuality one, was the the reason God was keeping Museveni in power.

But a defiant Nyanzi insisted such persecution of homosexuals would one day come to an end once she got into power.

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It should be remembered that most Ugandans had their focus on the issue of withdrawal of consent during sex, and the inclusion of homosexuality ban came as a surprise to many gay rights activists like Dr Stella Nyanzi.

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