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YOU WILL DESTROY YOURSELF! Kagame Warns DRC’s Tshisekedi over Threats to Attack Rwanda

We’re not Scared – Kagame

Tshisekedi and Kagame. Courtesy Photos

With threats of an attack by Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) President Felix Tshisekedi and fresh accusations of harboring rebels tormenting Burundi, Rwanda is in trouble with its neighbors. But President Paul Kagame has sent a veiled warning to Tshisekedi and anyone else thinking of declaring war against the small country, saying the attackers will destroy themselves instead.

Kagame has assured Rwandans he will defend and secure them. He has also trumpeted his commitment to contribute to efforts to secure the continent. In 2021, Rwanda sent 1,000 officers of the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) and the Rwanda National Police (RNP) to Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique to fight terrorism.

“We are also dealing with insecurity in our region, and on our border. I want you to know that we can absorb any amount of criticism, however unjustified. We will always do what is necessary, to ensure that Rwandans are safe and secure, no matter what,” said Kagame.

“Within our means, Rwanda will continue to do what we can to help our brothers and sisters elsewhere in Africa to restore peace and security. Any year, in every place in the world, there will be problems. Adversity is just an invitation to become more determined, and do more and better.”


Kagame has also indicated that, abandoned by most of the world, Rwanda had built capacity to face its enemies. In 1994, the world largely looked on as about 800,000 people perished in a genocide in just 100 days.

The Rwandan leader is also unhappy that interests have made people blind to the truth.

“Because of our history, when we started rebuilding this country, the starting point was so low that we could not go any lower. The result is that today, the only way is up and nothing can stand in our way. This does not happen on its own: it is a result of the choices we have made, our determination and a mindset that believes we will do what it takes no matter how difficult,” said Kagame.

“The world of today, we are used to being told that people have interests. It’s no longer facts, it’s no longer evidence, it’s no longer whether it’s right or wrong; it is interests.”

He then, without mentioning names, addressed people who have threatened to attack Rwanda. During last month’s presidential campaigns in the DRC, Tshisekedi compared Kagame to Adolf Hitler and threatened to attack Rwanda.

Kagame says those plotting to destroy Rwanda will end up destroy themselves. He has made it clear that Kigali was not scared of any of its enemies and would defend itself.

“When we hear those who claim to be planning to attack and destroy the security of Rwanda, the question is: is there anything we haven’t seen? We have experienced destruction; we have reached its lowest point. It is those who wish it for us who will experience it instead,” he noted.

“Rwanda has been on its own. We have tasted it; we know it.  So, we are not scared, not threatened by the possibility that at one time, we will be on our own again. So, we should always be prepared. And we are used to working on the worst case scenario, where at any other time we might be on our own. And when we are left to be on our own, we will own up and we will survive even better than last time. Our survival was not given to us by anyone else, it all starts with ourselves.”

Kagame has refused to congratulate Tshisekedi on his electoral victory. There are also tensions between Rwanda and Burundi after Bujumbura accused Kigali of backing rebels that killed 20 people last month. (See Details Here and There).

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