WOW! Pastor Kayanja’s Son Proposes to Mzungu Girlfriend (See Photos)

Robert Kayanja's son Junior proposes to his Mzungu girlfriend

Pastor Robert Kayanja Junior, the creative pastor of Robert Kayanja Ministries (RKM), on Friday, November 18, 2022, proposed to his Mzungu (white) girlfriend, paving the way for marriage in a holy matrimony at a ceremony that will be held soon.

Pastor Robert Kayanja Jr took the manly step of going down on his knees, and asking his Mzungu girlfriend if she will marry him so they can spend the rest of their lives together. The white babe gave the youthful pastor and pastor’s son a nod, confirming to him that she will indeed marry him.

WOW! Pastor Kayanja's Son Proposes to Mzungu Girlfriend (See Photos)
Pastor Robert Kayanja Jr puts a ring on his girlfriend’s finger

Kayanja’s son moved to put a ring on the Zungu’s finger, booking her until the day of their wedding and other marriage ceremonies. Amidst excitement, Robert Kayanja Junior planted a lovely kiss on his Zungu girlfriend’s lips and the two embraced so passionately as if to say: ‘We cannot wait for the wedding night.”

After that, Pastor Kayanja Sr’s wife Jessica prayed for the couple and wished them God’s and parental blessings.

WOW! Pastor Kayanja's Son Proposes to Mzungu Girlfriend (See Photos)
The passionate kiss after the proposal

A number of city pastors seem to be in a hurry to prepare their sons for some sort of spiritual succession. Months ago, Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga of Christian Life Church Makerere Kavule injected hundreds of million’s in his son’s wedding. The son is now a pastor at his father’s church.

But there was chaos after employees at Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga’s dragged him to a Museveni Government Ministry for refusing or failing to pay their salaries. Months later, the presenters, reporters and producers forcefully closed the pastor’s media stations. (See Details Here, There and Over There).

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