Why Minister Kutesa’s daughter Musherure has rejected Mawogola North election results

Minister Sam Kutesa's daughter Shartis Musherure has petitioned NRM EC chairperson Dr Fred Tanga Odoi over Museveni's brother Godfrey Kaguta Sodo Aine's Mawogola North primary election victory. Courtesy Photos

Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa’s daughter Shartis Nayebare Musherure has rejected the declaration of President Yoweri Museveni’s brother Godfrey Kaguta Sodo Aine as the Mawogola North flag bearer for the 2021 parliamentary election.

At 08:12 pm on September 30 Sembabule District NRM returning officer George William Katokoozi announced Aine Sodo as the winner of the election after he garnered the highest number of votes.

Aine Sodo got 17,343 votes (46 per cent) against Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa’s daughter Shartis Nayebare Musherure’s 16,104 (42.7 per cent) and Salim Kisekka’s 4,274 (11.3 per cent).

“Thank you the people of Mawogola North-Sembabule district for handing me the flag to run in the forthcoming elections for Member of Parliament under NRM party,” said Aine Sodo.

“I also congratulate my main opponent Hon Shartis Musherure and other aspirants for the patriotic race well concluded.”


But Musherure quickly rejected the results released by Katokoozi.

“I don’t believe we have been defeated: we have been cheated. We know we should pick up our pieces, fight on and live another day to serve our country,” she said in a statement.

“I would like to assure my supporters that this is not the end of our journey. I want to thank them very much for their support. May God bless our Mawogola North, May God bless our beloved country and may God bless President Yoweri Museveni.”

She then announced she would challenge Aine Sodo’s victory in the NRM Electoral Commission’s Tribunal.

“I will be submitting my petition covering six villages where I have major concerns and seeking the NRM Electoral Commission’s new judgement,” she said.

She claims that in three of the six villages, there were zero voters “and we need to know why.”

She also gave an example of Kikoma village where she got 345 votes but Dr Tanga Odoi nullified the results of that polling station and called for a fresh vote when supporters had left.

“Our people had already left, so we were given zero.”

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