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Why Jerome was released Two days later without any charge

Mugyenyi Jerome and the said Musimenta Irene. Courtesy photos

Social Media last Sunday was filled with a video and photos of a one Jerome Mugyenyi who was allegedly found sleeping in a nother man’s bedroom in Isingiro district.

Mugyenyi was consquently arrested and charged of Criminal trespass and theft by Nyamitanga police post under case number CRR 38/2020 Criminal Trespass and Theft.

Mugyenyi Jerome (L) at his wedding before he was involved in the said case. courtesy photo

”On Sunday the 20/12/2020 case of criminal trespass and theft of money worth shs 5M plus land agreements was registered at Nyamitanga police station by Birungi Michael 43 years an accountant, resident of Kyera Cell Birere subcounty in Isingiro district after finding Mugenyi Jerome 37years resident of Kasusu Fort portal City in his matrimonial bed necked.” Rwizi region Police Spokepesron Samson Kasasira said

Birungi accused Mugyenyi of sleeping with his wife Musimenta Irene a teacher at Ntare School in Mbarara which Mugyenyi refuted saying Irene was rather a cousin sister to Birungi but not his lover as he claimed.

In a video where Mugyenyi was seen half naked pleading for mercy from a man who was holding a spear ”please do not kill me, am the only son of my mother” words Mugyenyi used asking Birungi not to kill him.

Mugyenyi Jerome.Courtesy Photo

After Musimenta was consulted, she told Police that she applied for divorce and she had separated with Birungi six months ago despite the fact that they are yet to have their divorce case decided.

”According to Musiimenta Irene ,she filed for divorce in courts of law months back and is no longer living with Birungi Michael as husband and wife but are just raising their two children and have not been together for the last six months” said Kasasira

Kasasira added ”it was further established that the allegations of theft of shs 5m and land agreement papers were false as the land agreement papers were found in the house.”

After Birungi finding out that he had no case against the suspect, decided to withdraw the case .

”After the involvement of both families 22/12/2020 the complainant lost interest in the case writing an additional statement closing the case hence releasing the suspects.” said Kasasira

Mugyenyi has since become popular most especially in western Uganda.

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