Why Ingrid Turinawe Has Rejected Rukungiri Municipality FDC Flag Bearer Election Defeat - The Pearl Times Why Ingrid Turinawe Has Rejected Rukungiri Municipality FDC Flag Bearer Election Defeat - The Pearl Times

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Why Ingrid Turinawe has rejected Rukungiri Municipality FDC flag bearer election defeat


FDC strong woman Ingrid Turinawe has explained why she will not accept Rukungiri Municipality MP FDC flag bearer election results.

Turinawe and incumbent MP Rolland Kaginda Mugume lost to Dr Warren Tumwine.


The FDC we started and built is against voter bribery .

Imagine someone coming from no where with sacks of money Pays envelopes of 300,000 , 400,000, 500,000 to individual delegates and they vote for him .

No body knows where this money came from. We will not accept to hand over our party to the junta .

In town , people lined along the streets, in anger in pain and in protest a matter that caused police to arrest me as I walked home.

People are vowing not to vote for the so called Flag bearer who bribed Delegates .

Others are saying they will vote an NRM or independent candidate to protest against the few compromised Delegates, while the biggest number say they will not vote.

The outcome of yesterday,s Election doesn’t represent the people’s will.

They say few compromised Delegates won’t decide for them , I and my team will take a painful but bold decision which will be communicated soon.

We thank everyone for the love and support.
Thank you.



When we are in prisons they are making money, when our bussinesses are being closed they are busy making money.

When we reject the junta’s money, they are busy picking it.

They earn as we spend on the struggle.

When we come to seek votes, they use the same money to undermine us and bribe voters.

We are rewarded with only hatred, poverty, arrests, torture, insults, etc. while they are rewarded with big offices and positions.

We are fought by both the junta and our own members.

Our only fault: we don’t have enough money to compete with them.

Who will protect us poor full time front line activists?

Where is Justice?

Where can we run to for safety?

We struggle and fight the junta as they sit on TV to watch news.

During elections, structures gang against us and declare us unfit because we are unable to give them khaki envelopes.

They prefer people who pay them against us who fight for them.

We are not supposed to talk about it, pointing out the faults is bad manners; it tarnishes the party and leads to loss of membership.

Who will protect us poor full time frontline activists?

What should we do? Where can we run to?

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