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WHY I KILLED INDIAN MONEY LENDER & WHY I’M NOT SORRY:  Ugandan Police Officer Gives Shocking Reasons for Ending Businessman’s Life

Bhandari Uttam and PC Ivan Wabwire

A Uganda Police Force (UPF) officer who shot and killed an Indian money lender has spoken out, explaining why he committed the dreadful act and revealing that why he will not apologize for what he did.

PC Ivan Wabwire was arrested in Busia as he attempted to run to Kenya, Uganda’s eastern neighbor. Now back in Kampala where he had been deployed before he shot dead Indian businessman Uttam Bhandari of TFS Financial Services, PC Wabwire has since been quizzed by detectives investigating the murder that shocked the nation.

Today, UPF Spokesperson Fred Enanga offers some of the highlights from the interrogation, revealing what PC Wabwire said regarding the shooting.

According to Enanga, the police officer admitted that he had committed the offence, but did not appear remorseful or to have any regrets. He even refused to say sorry for the murder.

Wabwire has even made an extrajudicial statement before a magistrate, Enanga added.

So, what were his reasons for killing the Indian money lender?

Wabwire told those interrogating him that he was infuriated by the way Bhandari ‘cheated’ him. TFS Financial Services had extended a Shs1m loan to Wabwire in 2020. The parties had agreed on an interest of Shs320,000.

Still struggling to complete the loan repayment and its interest, Wabwire got a second loan from Bhandari’s TFS Financial Services sitauated at Raja Chambers along Kampala’s Parliamentary Avenue. For this second loan, the interest was supposed to be Shs110,000 per month.

On Thursday, before the Friday shooting, Wabwire had held a meeting with Bhandari during which they discussed how much the police officer had to pay and the possibility of trading off the loan for a salary loan at William Street branch of Stanbic Bank from which Wabwire has been receiving his salary.

You can watch the CCTV video showing the moment PC Wabwire shot the Indian money lender dead and how he majestically walked to Kampala CPS where he abandoned his gun Here.

You can also read our report on how PC Wabwire, who had been banned from touching guns because of his alleged mental sickness, managed to get the gun he used to kill the Indian money lender Here.

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