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WHOSE STUDENTS ARE THEY? Confusion as Midland and Lubiri High Schools Disown Students Filmed ‘Dancing Themselves’ in Bus

There is more confusion on the school where students filmed ‘dancing themselves’ in a Midland High School branded bus after Lubiri High School became the second education institution to disown them. 

On Friday, June 10, 2022, Ugandans online were left in shock after a video showing students chewing themselves in a school bus appeared online.

Owing to the fact that the bus was branded with the Midland High School name, most people at first thought that the learners belonged to the same education institution.

But Midland High School disowned the students filmed chopping themselves. Authorities at the school pointed accusing fingers at Lubiri High School. They said it is Lubiri High School which had hired the Midland bus to transport their students to Jinja for a trip.

However, in an official statement issued on Saturday, June 11, 2022 after The Pearl Times run a story in which Midland High School suggested that the students were not theirs, the management of Lubiri High School have also disowned the students.

“There is a video circulating on social media involving misconduct of some students on a school bus. Lubiri High School however strongly distances itself from it and any involvement thereto,” the statement from Lubiri High School read in part.

The school’s management further insisted on its emphasis on good morals.

“We are an institution built on imparting discipline and cultural norms to the young generation. We therefore strongly condemn such behavior. Investigations are underway in regards to its authenticity,” the statement further read.

You can watch the video of high school students ‘dancing and chewing each other’ in the Midland High School bus HERE.

Meanwhile, Midland High School headteacher FX Kyasa has spoken out on the bus video, saying the students filmed ‘dancing themselves’ are not from their school, but rather belong to Lubiri High School. (Read Story Here).

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