WHO RULES UGANDA? Shock as Youths Take Over ‘Dangerous Bridge,’ Charge All Passing Vehicles

Walufumbe 'Bridge' -- A Disaster in Waiting

A car crossing a dangerous bridge

A local temporary bridge that could lead to loss of lives anytime. A group of youths staging some kind of roadblock to charge bridge users for the work they did to repair the bridge after the authorities supposed to fix it failed to do their job. Who rules Uganda?

Activist and academic Dr Spire Sentongo, the man behind social media exhibitions of potholes on Kampala roads and the sick state of health service provision in the country, has brought Walufumbe ‘bridge’ to the attention of netizens. But is government listening?

After visiting the bridge, Dr Sentongo reported that the young men who manned the bridge reeked of booze. Sentongo described the bridge, which links Sseeta-Magere to Buwaate, as a “disaster in waiting.”

As people continue to risk their lives on this dangerous ‘bridge,’ two local authorities are blaming each other for not doing their work: there is no agreement between the two on who should fix the damaged bridge.

“The youths in charge of it, all of whom smelled alcohol, told me they fixed it themselves after the old shoddy one was washed away. They charge every user, and authorities are aware,” wrote Sentongo after visiting the bridge.

“Kiira and Kasangati point at each other to be responsible for it. It stands on about 15 eucalyptus poles, roughly the size of an adult leg. The top is also laid with eucalyptus and 1-inch timber. Some cars stop their full weight on top of it, negotiating charges.”

Dr Spire Sentongo has previously exposed the rot in Uganda’s health care in an exhibition in which shocking revelations emerged. For example, it was revealed that a number of people died after doctors went on strike, leaving interns overwhelmed and helpless. One intern at a government hospital confessed that s/he had to choose who should die and who should live. (Read Story Here).

It also emerged that Museveni’s sister had failed to find a bed in a Mbarara hospital after she was rushed there following an accident. A fearless doctor had refused to remove patients from their beds to create space for the president’s sister. (See Details Here).

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