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Whites would have killed you all if they wanted: Controversial ‘white’ woman brags, tells off Africans to accept Covid19 vaccine or die

A ‘white woman using controversial social media accounts has started a social media war after she told off Africans to take Covid19 vaccines and stop complaining about any alleged plot by the whites to wipe blacks off the face of earth.

Some people still believe that vaccines, including the one for Covid19, are part of a plan by the white race to annihilate blacks.

Such thoughts have often come up in social media arguments when the issue of vaccines came up.

Now Tracy Zille, who the South African government has for months been seeking to apprehend for controversial posts, has served it to Africans hot and fresh, telling them to be grateful to the whites or else they would not survive without them.

Tracy Zille. Whites would have killed you all if they wanted: Controversial 'white' woman brags, tells off Africans to accept Covid19 vaccine or die
Tracy Zille. Courtesy Photo

Zille says Africans would not be alive if the whites wanted them extinct because there were numerous opportunities to kill them.

“Africans should be the last people to complain about Covid19 Vaccination. If Europeans want to kill you they would have done it long time ago. Coca Cola products are from Europe, even KFC and many food production companies. Europeans produce majority of food you eat including baby formula (Milk),” wrote Zille.

“If they want to kill you they would have done it long time ago. The only thing that you produce in Africa is babies. That is why you even have baby making weather and eye blanket. Relax, no one want to kill you. For goodness sake, you are not that important and you are not a threat. Okay fine if you don’t want the vaccine, you are welcome to develop yours. Oh sorry you can’t even make a toothbrush or condom. You rely on China, so shut up and take the Vaccine or Die.”

Although some commentators are terming the statement racist, other Africans online are praising Zille telling the truth.

And encouraged by the latter response, Zille has continued to tell off Africans. Here are some of her other hard-hitting statements:

If it was not for us, your mouth would have been smelling like dead rats because even today you can’t make your own toothpaste. So shut up and take our vaccine or Die. Colgate (Made in USA), Aquafresh (Made in Britain), Close Up (Made in England), Mentadent (Made in Canada), Oral-B (Made in USA), Sensodyne (Made in Japan).Rich Prophets, Pastors and Bishops (Made in Africa). We produce toothpaste, you produce anointing oil and prayers.

Don’t insult me for telling you the truth. We used our money to build universities and science research facilities. You used your money to build big churches and to buy your pastors and prophets big cars and houses. Our Research Facilities produced Covid19 Vaccine. Your Churches produced anointing oil. You buy expensive anointing oil from your churches without any noise but you are rejecting free Covid19 Vaccine from scientists. Something is wrong upstairs.

If Covid19 Vaccine was made in Africa, African leaders were going to leave it and travel oversea for Vaccination. Yes, African leaders are treated in oversea Hospitals. They don’t trust their own African health system and it’s hospitals. While you are busy thinking that Europeans want to kill you with their vaccine, even your leaders think that you will kill them with your incompetence. Covid19 Vaccine is a reminder to Africa that you must fix yourself and get proper leadership. Not these very old people you vote for.

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