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WHICH GOD? JUST EAT YOUR MONEY, OSIRIKE! Museveni Minister Norbert Mao ‘Roasted’ by Angry Ugandans for Saying God Has Lifted Him Up

A section of Ugandans have bitterly criticized Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Norbert Mao, the Democratic Party (DP) President General after he said that people “have to fear the man who God has decided to lift up!” and that some should “be ready with apologies.”

Interpreting that man God has lifted to be Norbert Mao, some Ugandans told off ‘the oracle of Gulu‘ telling him to stop dragging God in his decision to join President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni’s government where he is now a minister although he still leads the DP, one of Uganda’s oldest political parties. You can read more Here.

Here are some of the reactions from Ugandans on Norbert Mao’s statement:

God must then be very interesting  .The people who kept acholi in camps for 23 years,the  1987  Mukura massacre, 1986 Acholibur/Bucoro massacre, the [2016] Kasese massacre are the very people MAO is calling “God sent” because of his appointment? Mao and his uncle need prayers.Hon Odonga Otto @odongaotto

Which God? In my lifetime, I have seen politicians calling our president God. We need to know the real God because you might even be referring to God-frey.Gabriel Buule @GabrielBuule

I think Satan gets shocked when we credit all his effort to God & never acknowledge him… TOKO @GodwinTOKO

People must learn to give Satan his flowers. – Boy Fire🇺🇬 @AlbertTaremwa11

Sir, please eat your money quietly and in peace. Nothing you say will undo the damage you have done pretending to be helping this country. You sold your soul now be quiet please.Hellen Nakyeyune @HNakyeyune

No sensible person calls acting “opportunistically” being lifted up. You would be blaming God for giving u wisdom then plucks it off u in a minute and let u fall head first into the devils fangs.Nov 28th @kjkaweesa

Naye gwe tokowa ne bu threats obutagwa? Apologies for what now. We are still waiting for an apology   for your tying Uganda’s Oldest party DP. To a [man] masquerading as Uganda’s president. Mbu transition, omusajja yabyegaana. You nolonger have lessons, gwe lya osirike.Yuliana Namubiru (SHE of Buddu) @YN_BUDDU

You are sounding like some of the fake Pastors who keep manipulating and threatening critics with “never touch the anointed one.” – Paul Lukwago @PaulLukwago2

Fear God who can lift a proud man from heights to dust. Ojja kudda munfufu blaza. – @Statesman001  @MosesKiseka001

So you are simply telling us Museveni is God just like your buddy the late speaker told the world because we all know it’s Museveni who lifted you up. Tolina kyotugamba, lya kasente ko osilike.Francis Nelsons Bukuluki @BukulukiN

This assertion is very true BUT it may not apply in Mao’s context because it is hard to tell whether it’s God or not who has done this lifting. So be careful as you consider how to go about this tweet.Oyaka Benson @BensonOyaka

It should be remembered that while Norbert Mao had claimed that he knows the year when Museveni will peacefully hand over power to a new president, Museveni came out and trashed his minister Mao’s statement, and the president’s son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba seems to suggest a different year of transition from Museveni to him. (See Details Here, There and Over There).

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