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WHERE’S THE MONEY? Questions as Speaker Anita Among Uses Her Money for Return of Jacob Oulanyah’s Body, Buys Family Members Mourning Clothes

Parliament’s director of communication and public affairs, Chris Obore, has revealed that speaker Anita Annet Among is using her own money to help in the return of Jacob Oulanyah’s body and to take care of family members. 

Speaker Oulanyah was pronounced dead on March 20. (Read Story Here).

Oulanyah’s body is expected to be returned on April 01. (Read Story Here).

President Museveni’s government has announced a ‘big budget’ for Oulanyah’s burial. (Read Story Here).

But even when there is a budget for the burial arrangements, Obore says Among is using her own money to help in the return of Oulanyah’s body and to take care of the late’s family needs.

“Don’t look at the money you see in the newspapers and think it has anything to do with the Oulanyah family. Let’s keep the Oulanyah family completely out of this. The Oulanyah family is being taken care of by the Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among,” Obore told NBS Media Roundtable.

“Yesterday, she gave me her personal money to take to Oulanyah’s family to help them get some clothes they’ll use during the mourning.”

It remains unclear when the burial budget cash will be made available, and who will oversee its expenditure.

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