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Where do Minister Anite’s Kisses Leave Ordinary Ugandans?


Of the Public and Honorable Anite’s & Husband Kajik’s Kissing

By Babra Nabuzale

Babra Nabuzale

By being an ex-officio Member of Parliament and minister, Evelyn Anite Kajik participates in making policies and laws for peace, order, development and good governance of Uganda. But that one doesn’t stop nature and her heart from demanding what it wants. Do you know that love is in a way bigger than you job and the parameters within which it is executed? Because you can invite love but you cannot dictate how, where and when it expresses itself.

If someone is sick, s/he gets treatment from the hospital. If someone wants to pray, s/he goes to church. But if someone wants to feel, where is the place for feelings? So, a ministerial position doesn’t rid Anite’s body of feelings?   

Rather than the nation wasting time over something that every normal person does and enjoys with his/her spouse, why don’t we focus on other issues meant for the betterment of our nation.

For example, look at the conditions of living thousands of people – including police officers – in our country, the economy, the high taxes, and commodity prices. Consider the state of our roads, the high unemployment rate…

Why the fuss over a minister’s kiss? A kiss is an expression of love and desire. Sometimes, a kiss is a sign of greetings.

Fellow country women and men, let us know that time wasted will never be recovered. Anite kissed and that expression is not of benefit to you: it only benefits her and her husband Kajik. But the way people are over talking about the whole issue, Parliament might end up debating this.

As long as the MP or minister is playing her role in Parliament, let her enjoy as she does her other roles as a woman, a wife to someone, a mother, or an aunt, etc. Let her handle her own personal issues as someone’s wife. If she had kissed during plenary in the House instead of engaging in debate on matters of national importance.

If she was not in office when she did this, and if the man whom she kissed is not complaining, who are you to complain? When you’re kissing yours, does she complain? So, you are all simply wasting time by talking about the kiss.

 Babra Nabuzale is ‘the voice of the silent majority.’

Editor’s Note

Minister Anite recently shared a picture of herself kissing her husband Allan Kajik. Months earlier she had told off some Ugandans who pointed out that she doesn’t have big nyash, making it clear that she only needs a hole! (See Details Here and There).

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