When Museveni was thrown out of school choir

Museveni. Courtesy Photo

President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni has told his daughter Natasha Nyinancwende Karugire that he wasn’t bothered when they threw him out of the school choir.

In the ongoing Kyamate-Namagunga series featuring Museveni and Natasha, the president’s daughter used the December 06 conversation with the 76-year-old to ask about the incident.

Museveni said he chose to focus on his books when he was kicked from the school choir.

His problem, he explained, was that he would almost run out of breath when singing.

“I think the teachers saw that I had not learnt how to control breathing and they never selected me for the choir – either they kicked me or they didn’t select me,” Museveni said.

“But I didn’t mind because I was busy with the other school things. I didn’t really mind about the choir  because I was concentrating more on the work at home and the school syllabus.”

He would later learn the art of controlling breath when singing years after he was thrown out of the choir.

“I was rescued many years later by a man called Muhoozi who taught me to keep breath inside as I was singing because in those days the breath would be finished and I would [stop singing],” he revealed.

Asked about his favourite Bible verses, Museveni emphasized the commandments, which he observed were centred around love for God and humanity.

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