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WHAT VIEWERS DIDN’T SEE: Details Emerge on How Live Punches and Kicks Flew Inside NBS Studio Where Ofwono Opondo ‘Beat Up’ Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago

Even when NBS TV is yet to release the full video showing the chaos that ensued as government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo punched Erias Lukwago, the Lord Mayor of Kampala Capital City, details are emerging on what exactly happened.

Lukwago, the victim of the chaos during the NBS TV Frontline Talk Show, says what Ofwono Opondo engaged in was a ‘crime of utmost savagery.”

In his account, details of which viewers did not watch since the program ended prematurely, Lukwago reveals what happened off camera. Here is what Lukwago claims happened:

[On Thursday night], I happened to be a Panelist at the NBS TV Talk show that runs from 10:00pm to midnight. The debate was about the sham Soroti East Member of Parliament By-election. Midway the debate, hell broke loose when the Government Spokesperson, who is a regular Panelist (Front liner) on the show, ran berserk and started throwing tantrums.

Out of the blue, he sprung up, charged at me and threatened to evict me from the studios. He pushed his hand into the pocket and around his waist, in a manner that suggested he wanted to draw a pistol at me.

I dared him to shoot at me. He instead pounced on my neck and attempted to strangle me. I did not fight back but instead struggled to wriggle out of his grip. He then punched me in the chest and grabbed both collars of my jacket while huffing and puffing like a cobra. The Moderator, Charles Mwanguhya, moved in to restrain him but to no avail. He was joined by a Co-Panelist, the Hon. Winnie Kiiza, former Leader of Opposition but the now wild Opondo would not relent as he continued to maul me, while battering and kicking me in the stomach.

The Talk show ended prematurely and Opondo was shouting at the top of his voice that he was going to finish me off in the corridors of NBS TV or outside the building. He made frantic calls to people I did not understand, requesting for “reinforcement.”

The DPC, Kira Road Police Station, Ssebuyungo, together with the Commander Operations, Aden Muzawula, entered with several police personnel. They made arrangements with Hon. Baryomunsi to escort me back home.

[On Friday] morning, I went to Kira Road Police Station and opened up a Criminal Case before the O.C C.I.D and other Police Officers. I also moved to NBS and met with the Management to secure the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage of the said ugly scene but my efforts are yet to yield positive results. In my language, we have an old adage that; “Olaba nkaabira mubikire, naye ate ankutukidde mungalo…!!!”

I will stop at nothing in search for Justice. In addition to the aforesaid criminal proceedings, civil action will also be pursued in Courts of Law in an effort to deal with impunity in our country.

You can watch the video showing the bitter exchange between Ofwono Opondo and Lukwago as the government spokesperson moved to punch the Kampala Lord Mayor Here.

Meanwhile, NBS TV has since apologized to its views as Lord Mayor Lukwago dragged Ofwono Opondo to police. (Read Story Here).

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