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WHAT A RESPONSE! Bobi Wine’s NUP Opens Up on Being a Museveni Project

Bobi Wine and Museveni

Opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) has spoken out on reports that the Kamwokya-based party is a project of long-serving leader President Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni and his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM). 

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s People Power pressure group acquired NUP ahead of the 2021 presidential and parliamentary elections. Although NUP’s candidate Bobi Wine lost to NRM’s Museveni in the presidential poll, the party secured about 60 seats in Parliament (almost all of them from Bobi Wine’s home sub-region of Buganda), eclipsing Forum for Democratic  Change (FDC) as the country’s largest opposition party.

But some politicians and observers, including those in the opposition, have been claiming that Bobi Wine and NUP are Museveni’s and NRM’s project and work for the country’ president and ruling party to delay or thwart the anti-government struggle.

For example, In recent months, Democratic Party (DP) President General Norbert Mao have been attacking NUP and its leader Bobi Wine over their method of work.

Ahead of the 2021 elections, Mao and his DP had hoped to team up with Bobi Wine and his People Power pressure group to form the DP Bloc but the singer-turned-politician later acquired his own party, which some Democratic Party members even joined, ditching one of the country’s oldest political organizations.

But according to NUP, this claim is part of propaganda meant to discredit the party. In a response to NRM Secretary General Richard Todwong after he claimed that some NUP members in Omoro District had crossed over to the NRM, the opposition party described those who call NUP an NRM Project ‘propagandists.

“Received over 100 youth converts in Omoro District who ditched the opposition’s National Unity Platform (NUP) for the National Resistance Movement (NRM). We look forward to working with them. Our Omoro campaign trail continues,” said Todwong.

NUP wondered how NRM could fish from NUP which some claim is an NRM Project. “Regime propagandists will tell you that NUP is an NRM project. Well, maybe here NRM is recruiting from NRM,” said the party in a short statement.

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