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WHAT A RESPONSE! Angry Museveni Minister Sends Clear Message to Tamale Mirundi over Insults

Museveni and Tamale Mirundi

Frank Tumwebaze, the minister of agriculture, animal industry and fisheries, has sent a clear message to commentator and propagandist Joseph Tamale Mirundi. 

According to the minister his friends, supporters, allies and comrades have contacted him and advised him to address “the perennial attack on my person by a one Tamale Mirundi with all sorts of weird and malicious utterances.”

Minister Tumwebaze, also the Kibale East MP, said he has chose to ignore Tamale Mirundi.

“While I do not know honestly what drives and motivates his smear/ hate laced campaign against me (which started 2012 when I was first appointed minister), I have chosen to give him a contempt card just like I do to all ‘PHD’ schemers and malice vendors,” said Tumwebaze.

“PHD (Pull him down) is a very common syndrome in our setup employed mainly by the insecure and weak minded against those they perceive as competitors or threats to their positions/ power.”

The Museveni minister has sworn not to drag Mirundi to court nor meet his demands, saying he will never give in to blackmail.

“Many of my friends have advised me to call and talk and ‘sort’ him by meeting some of his demands (as I am told apparently many of his victims do) but I have rejected Blackmail and given him a go ahead to insult me indefinitely. If attacking me gives him a living, then let him profit!” further noted Tumwebaze.

“I have also refused to waste time with defamation suits. I don’t have time to be diverted. To those who use him; plz note that u can never destroy destinies of self made people however much you invest in ‘PHD’ schemes, just be aware! God will fight for us!”

Mirundi, a former Museveni press secretary and advisor, is famous and notorious — at the same time — for his commentary on senior government officials.

For example, supporters of Odrek Rwabwogo, the first-son-in-law, have warned him to stop ‘insulting’ their ‘boss.’ (Read Story Here).

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