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WE’RE ALSO TIRED! Museveni Ministers ‘Threaten’ to Strike Over Potholes, Join Ugandans’ Song of Lamentations

Parliament Concerned

Some of the potholes in Kampala. Courtesy Photo

The song of lamentations about the poor state of Uganda roads is getting louder, with ministers ‘threatening’ to go on strike over potholes on roads in the capital Kampala.

From questions on the inflated budget for roads in Kampala, to Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) lack of funds to repair roads, and now the elite Special Forces Command (SFC) of the UPDF take over of road repair works at a cheaper cost and faster speed, the issues of potholes on roads have persisted.

Weeks ago, Irish Ambassador to Uganda Kevin Colgan said potholes and wild bodaboda herds in Kampala were a tourist attraction.

“You don’t need to go outside of Kampala to see the great crater lakes. All you need to do is drive around Industrial Area and you will see all the lakes you need, from herds of game at Murchison Falls, to herds of boda’s on the streets of Kampala, there is a wildness to it all that we love dearly,” Colgan said during the St Andrew’s Ball 2023 in Kampala.

Now, a deputy prime minister and a junior minister, both of whom sit in cabinet chaired by their boss, appointing authority, President Yoweri Museveni every Monday, have added their voices to the loud song of lamentations on the potholes in Kampala.

The two ministers even threatened, albeit jokingly, to go on strike over the potholes in the city.

“I’m going on hunger strike next week coz of potholes, gullies, swimming pools, anthills, rivers and lakes etc on every road. Are the potholes in Kampala on promotion nowadays? Banange tugoingewa?” wrote Margaret Muhanga Mugisa, the minister of state for primary health care and Fort Portal City North Division MP.

Her senior Rebecca Kadaga, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for East African Affairs, invited Muhanga: “Come and join me in Makindye Division,  the Headquarters of potholes  and swimming  pools.” Kadaga is a long-serving district woman MP for Kamuli.

Parliament’s spokesperson has expressed concerns over MPs and ministers lamenting on social media.

“But Social media will mess us up. Now even Cabinet Ministers type away on matters they should be discussing in Cabinet. Of what use is it to join helpless public in lamenting about poor roads? So that the public does what when they trusted you with power to make decisions collectively? After elections President Museveni formed a government; a government that must provide answers to the problems of the people,” he wrote.

“It seems to some, one leg is in Cabinet and one is on social media. I thought ideas would be vigorously exchanged in Cabinet then Dr Chris Baryomunsi or Ndugu Ofwono Opondo communicates to the public the outcomes.”

Months ago, IGG Beti Kamya told Ugandans that they were on their own and should demand better roads since her posh car shields her from feeling the potholes in Kampala. (Read Story Here).

The situation has been so pathetic that a group of youths repaired a local bridge and started charging all passing vehicles money to use it.  (See Details Here)

Meanwhile, months ago, Museveni’s government announced plans to block bodabodas from using certain roads as a way of securing powerful officials. (Read Details Here).

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