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WE’LL SEND YOU TO HELL: First Son Muhoozi Kainerugaba Vows to Crush Karimojong Criminals Who Killed Soldiers

Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the ffirst son and Commander Land Forces, has sworn he will revenge for the soldiers killed by Karimojong rustlers.

At least six people, including three geologists working with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development and three UPDF soldiers who had escorted the geologists, were recently killed in Karamoja.

A joint group of Turkana and Matheniko warriors are said to have killed the six, who included a Makerere University student on her internship with the energy ministry, in Lotisan Sub County, Moroto District.

The warriors took off with the guns belonging to the killed soldiers.

Now, Lt Gen Kainerugaba said he is done begging the warriors to surrender their weapons and stop violence.

The CLF has vowed to take hell to the warriors in Karamoja.

Lt Gen Kainerugaba has advised the cattle rustlers to surrender to RDCs in their respective districts or wait to be taught a lesson.

“My Karimojong brothers! We have begged you to stop the life of robbery and violence. We have begged you to stop attacking your neighbours but to no avail! You have refused all our appeals! Well, now we are coming and hell is coming with us!” said the commander land forces.

“Karimojong criminals killed my soldiers in cold blood! There will be hell to pay for that!! If they want to avoid retribution they better get in touch with our RDCs and commanders in the region NOW!! Otherwise, let us see who the real men are!”

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