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We Won’t Sell Our Families & Morals for Your Dirty Money: Uganda’s Family Life Network Raps World Bank for Cutting Funding over Anti-Homo Law

Steven Langa of Uganda's Family Life Network

Responsible Ugandan parents through Family Life Network have commenced an important move of securing the nation’s values and morals, preserving their culture and safeguarding the young and future generations against the vice of homosexuality.

Recently, the World Bank Group announced it was suspending funding to Uganda over the Anti-Homosexuality Act.

Now, Family Life Network has launched a nationwide campaign to mobilize and sensitize parents so that they can make their voices clearly heard in Uganda’s anti-gay efforts. Family Life Network is a Uganda-based non-profit organisation found in 2002, with a vision of working towards restoration of family values, and morals in society.

On August 17, Family Life Network CEO Eng Steven Langa told reporters at Hotel Triangle in Kampala that Ugandan parents were not ready to “sell our cherished families, morals, cultural and religious values for financial aid.”

Langa applauded President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for standing his ground and appending his signature to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill despite pressure from the international community. He further saluted Bugiri Municipality MP Asuman Basalirwa for tabling a private member’s bill that was later overwhelming passed into law.  

It should be remembered that in an ‘if we die we die’ decision, Ugandan MPs passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law even as some countries like the US was threatening to stop giving government the money for buying ARVs for HIV/AIDS parents. (See Details Here and There).

Eng Langa made it clear to the gay community that parents together with their children have rejected homosexuality.

The Family Life Network CEO also preached a message of hope for the children that have been trapped in the vice, telling them that it is possible for them to be transformed. He assured such children that on the transformation journeys, they had the support and prayers of their parents.

“Change is possible. You can be changed and delivered from the vice,” Langa emphasized.

Robert Ndyabarema, the representative of fathers, appealed to fathers to wage war against the vice, cling to the truth of right values of families and not be brainwashed by supporters of the homosexuality agenda.

“We as fathers are figures in our homesteads. We are a figure that provide defence against any intruder including things that we don’t see and homosexuality should also be included,” said Ndyabarema.

“The game of tolerating evil is now up; we must close the chapter of the past we begin a new chapter to, fight for the independence of our children and the independence of our children is to depict from what we are doing as fathers and carry on to the next generation.”

He added parents have the capacity to support and defend themselves now and for the future.

Mary Itungo, who represented the mothers, urged fellow mothers to instil discipline, give guidance to their children on the passed law and teach them the dangers of excessive love for money.

We Won’t Sell Our Families & Morals for Your Dirty Money: Uganda’s Family Life Network Raps World Bank for Cutting Funding over Anti-Homo Law
Emmanuel Opolot

Emmanuel Opolot, a former law student at Makerere University, said that it is vital for everyone to arise and defend the democracy of Uganda and her identity before it is too late.  He wondered why the World Bank Group, Uganda’s development, would want to interfere with Ugandan laws and sovereignty yet it doesn’t do so to other countries with more stringent laws. 

You can see the list of Ugandan government projects which will no longer get World Bank money over homosexuals, HERE.

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