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WE DON’T EAT YOUR LENGTHY SPEECHES: Fearless NTV Journalist Blasts Museveni for Disrupting Struggling Private TVs’ Normal Programming


A reporter at Uganda’s leading television station, NTV, has blasted the country’s president Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni for his lengthy speeches that disrupt private media’s normal programming.

According to Sudhir Byaruhanga, a famous reporter at NTV Uganda, President Museveni should stop burdening private media with his lengthy speeches and addresses because the stations are struggling financially.

It should be remembered that the media, like other industries, are recovering from the negative impact of the Covid19 pandemic. But even before the pandemic, the media were already suffering the challenges posed by disruptive media advances.

Byaruhanga says Museveni should not be disrupting TV programming with his speeches which drag on for hours when they can be delivered in as little as 15 minutes. The investigative reporter even argued that it is not necessary for the head of state and government to address the citizens every week.

He said the TVs have operation costs to clear and lengthy speeches will not give the private media the funds they badly need to survive sinking.

“Everything the president said in nearly 3 hours would have been summarized in 15 minutes,” Byaruhanga shared his views.

“This business of disrupting business especially for all private media, is unfair at a time when they are all struggling with high operation costs. It’s also not necessary to address us weekly.”

President Museveni has failed to offer short term solution to the issue of commodity prices and high cost of living.

The elderly Museveni’s most remembered piece of advice was that if Ugandans cannot afford bread, they should eat cassava. (Read Story Here).

FULL SPEECH: Here’s What Museveni Said About Commodity Prices, State of the Economy

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